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Tear Stain Removal on Pets

Small dogs such as Malteses, Shih Tzus, Bichon Frises, Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas and Maltipoos are more likely to experience tear stains, which can be caused by genetics or diet. The tears stains can be irritating for dogs and can lead to infection.

Hair Loss, Bumps & Scratching Skin All the Time in Dogs

Dogs can have skin problems just like humans. Also just like humans, there are various types of skin disorders and issues that cause hair loss, bumps and itchy skin on your pet. Ranging from serious problems that need medical attention to boredom and stress, skin abnormalities should always be check

How To Do Puppy Training In Winter Time

Potty training your dog is a difficult task in general. However, for those who live in snowy states, the task of puppy training in winter time can be much more difficult. Some dogs do not like to go out in the cold because it hurts there paws, making it a complicated task when you want to teach them

What Is the Correct Way to Trim the Face of a Miniature Schnauzer?

Miniature schnauzers are the smallest variety of schnauzers. The double, wiry coat of the mini schnauzer is typically shaved or hand-stripped a few weeks before a dog show. Obtain the show look by allowing the hair to grow sufficiently so that the texture is visible. The furnishings on the face shou

Service Dogs for the Deaf

Dogs can be trained to aid their human owners with a number of tasks, and service dogs for the deaf are no exception. Dogs that are trained to work with the deaf are typically known as hearing dogs and, throughout the day, they perform a wide variety of services for their masters.

How to Keep a Dog From Biting His Own Injury

It's healthy for dogs to chew, but sometimes they choose to chew on unhealthy items, including themselves. It's a natural instinct of dogs to lick their wounds in an attempt to heal them, but excessive licking and biting prevents injuries from healing and can cause infection. Preventing dogs from do

Does Your Dogs Diet Contain Enough Fatty Acid?

Does your pet's skin and coat look shiny and healthy, if not this could indicate the need for more fatty acids to be in your dog's diet A dog's diet affects every aspect of his body as well as the skin and coat.If your dog's diet has the right amount of fatty acids, then his coat

How to Reward Calm Behavior

Properly rewarding a dog for calm behavior is essential to keep your canine from becoming riled up in the presence of a certain phobia or becoming anxious and uncontrollable in some situations. You will need to teach the dog to relax in a way that rewards calm behavior, not in a way that encourages

How to Find the Best Dog Food for My Siberian Husky

All dog foods are not created equal. Choosing the best pet food for your Siberian husky can improve her health, enrich her lifestyle and advance her performance as a working or show dog. The Siberian husky is a compact, working breed dog with high energy. Ingredients, preparation, feeding habits, an

Should You Show Your Dog

If so, which competitions are right for your dog? How do you get involved? All your questions will be answered here.

How to Manufacture Dog Shampoo

Hard economic times have forced many of us to give up the luxuries we are accustomed to, including pricey shampoo for our furry friends. You can make a shampoo that cleans as well as the shampoo your professional groomer uses but does not break the bank. With a few smart tips, you can produce your o

How to Identify a L'wchen

Seeing a small dog with a lively gait and a haircut like a lion's, many people wonder just what type of dog that is. Because the L'wchen is a rare dog, most people probably won’t see one. But for those who think they might have seen one, there are several ways to tell whether the dog was a L'

Caring For Your Aging Dog

If your dog has grown older, he may become physically and mentally challenged. As an owner, you may have to change the way you relate to your dog. But you want to give your dog the highest quality of life, up to the very end. Here are two suggestions for helping your dog enjoy every moment of his or

Clicker Training For Your Dog

We know there are many ways of training a dog. Today we want to look at one of the new ways of training a dog. It is called clicker dog training method. This form of training is different from the standard way of training a dog like we have come to know it.

Training Golden Retrievers: Top Tips

Training Golden Retrievers can be hard work, and therefore it's often necessary to get help. In this article we will show you how to understand your dogs needs and how to cater to these through the correct training.

General Info on the Teacup Shih Tzu Breed

A teacup shih tzu is a small breed of dogs. They are considered under the category of toy dogs. Some breeders of Shih Tzus like to select their smaller and to breed them distinctly.

How Do You Approach A Dog You Don't Know?

Too often tragedy happens because a person approached the wrong dog the wrong way. This article is intended to help you determine if you should approach a dog you don't know. If the owner says it is alright, you will know how to appropriately and safely approach a dog you don't know.

Secrets to Whitening a Dog's Coat

White dogs requre special grooming in order to stay white.a portrait of a white dog image by Lombok from Fotolia.comDogs with white fur can start to look less white over time. Like white clothes, the fur can become dingy looking because of dirt. Sometimes fur begins to naturally change...