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How to Avoid Conflict - Understanding Your Partner

The current economic situation is getting worse, people are getting worried and most of them easily infuriated. Personal and financial disputes are coming to play thus leaving many couples in a series of endless arguments and conflict. In a time like this, keeping an open mind and a vocal mouth is t

Understanding Guys: Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

Some relationships go to the wall just because the woman becomes too desperate in trying to understand what it is her man really feels. True enough, there are really men who are very hard to figure out. However, this should not push you into a desperate state of mind. To help you escape the problem,

Why He Stopped Calling : Is It The End?

He doesn't visit you anymore and he stops calling. What could have gone wrong? A lot of questions will rush through your mind. Doesn't he find you attractive anymore? Doesn't he want to commit? Is that his way of initiating a breakup?

Dating Advice - 4 Plans For Romantic Evenings

Planning a romantic evening is not a chore. In fact, it should be almost as much fun as the evening itself. But just to take some of the work out of it for all of you would be romancers, here are four ideas for romantic dates.

Why Sex Should Not Be All Precision Moves and Techniques

We men love to relate things, especially problems, back to sports and sporting teams. We talk of the precision used by our elite and favourite sports stars and teams and admire the way they achieve their great results by following a strict game plan and not deviating from it. They practice well oile

The Best Way To Get Someone's Phone Number When You've Just Met

A lot of people just blurt out, "Can I have your number?" I want to tell you about a way to be more succsessful by using psychological methods that are proven to work by engaging instinctive reactions. It is a well proven fact that when you ask someone to do something; the odds that they w

How Are You Handling Your Sexless Relationship?

There is a recent study that shows that over 40 million people are living in sexless marriages.A Sexless marriage is one where the couples make love 10 or less times a year.Talk about punishment.Are you currently in a sexless relationship?How are you coping?

Matchmaking in Focus

The world has taken a huge stride in the art of dating and love. In the last century, issues of relationships and love were transformed in a way by the mechanics of industrial revolution. It ...

Why Doesn't Your Boyfriend Call?

If your guy does not call, a lot of things will pass through your mind. However, before you drive yourself crazy about this issue, there are a number of factors that you should be aware of.

Is It Good To Have Virtual Novel?

It is easy to fall in love with the virtual interlocutor; after all you look at him through pink glasses of the ideal representations. But we have some methods how to learn all truth about ...