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Find the Right Yoga Class For You in NYC

In the Big Apple you can find a multitude of amazing cultural offerings: theatre, concerts, movies. And you can find more than a hundred different types of yoga styles being taught at different locations all over NYC!

Healthy Lifestyle- How Yoga Helpful For Healthy Life

The brand new Yoga has five main pillars to face on: relaxation, exercise, breathing, a suitable diet together with positive thinking and meditation. Many new Yoga styles happen to be developed over t

Instant Deep Meditation - Experience the Lazy Way to Meditate For Free!

The states of consciousness you can easily achieve with brain entrainment, even as a complete novice, are actually much deeper than the brainwave states that very experienced meditators can achieve without this technology! Even after years and years of meditation practice! Simply put, brainwave entr

Deep Zen Meditation Or Zen in 2010

In the year 2010, why in the world would anybody take time from their busy schedules to practice Deep Zen Meditation? That's what I thought, until, well one day, I caught myself meditating.

5 Great Yoga Ball Exercises For Immediate Results

Yoga balls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Yoga balls not only build muscle and tone your body, but they improve balance and stability by forcing your stabilizer muscles to work. When using a weight machine, these stabilizer muscles don't get used because

5 Ways to Love Your Body and Get in Shape

The pressure to get fit and healthy is in high gear. People are eager to find the best ways to put themselves on the fast track to health and happiness.

3 Yoga Benefits to Convince You to Start Your Practice Now

It's no secret that yoga is still all the rage in 2015. People are crazy about yoga and its many styles, from Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, to even wackier trends like Ganja Yoga! In fact, a National Health Statistics report shows that adults practicing yoga between the age

Form & Functionality In Yoga Clothes

There’s more to yoga apparel for woman than style and the latest trends. In addition to this, there must also be functionality in yoga clothes in order to aid in movement during a yoga workout. Cozy Orange understands that some designs do not provide optimal performance for yoga and thus they

How To Meditate To Help With Sleeplessness

Learn about the benefits you gain from regular mindfulness meditation practice. One of them is an improved sleep structure in that the 'natural' age-related decline in sleep quality is reduced. - Learn how our sleep structure changes as we grow older - Meditation can counteract the decline

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the most common and basic yoga practiced in the Western world. Originating in India over two thousand years ago, yoga serves to clear the mind, instill a sense of peace, awaken self awareness and help the physical body maintain strength and flexibility. The "ha" translates to

Home Remedies - Inexpensive and Unadulterated

"Grandma's Secrets" have always been the favorite name for home remedies for natural illnesses and the traditional way of being healthy and fit. Home remedies best suit those who are patient and want the best results without any side effects.

Yoga - What Are the Different Types?

If you are considering taking up yoga, then it is important to understand that there are a variety of types to choose from, each with their own philosophy and techniques. As you embark on your personal yoga journey, it may help to understand the alternatives so you can choose the one that is right f

Zen Meditation - The Ultimate Guide

In this post I'll offer some fresh perspectives on zen. Anyone who's interested in meditation is in for a treat, since the ingenuity of zen meditation never fails to inspire...

Merging Ego and Soul Together

Contrary to what most people believe, the ego and soul can be merged together to create an unlimited physical power-source to move your life forward. Most metaphysical and religious study relates to separation of ego and soul, when in fact they should be teaching how to actually merge the illusionar

Do Binaural Beats Work? What About Holosync?

An unbiased and honest review of the Holosync Solution which uses Binaural Beats. This article tells you whether they work or not, the benefits you can get from using them and the possible harmful effects that they may cause.

How to Select Yoga Props

Selecting the proper Yoga props can make the difference between an uncomfortable practice and a fully engaged session. Props are essential for practitioners, who may be holding postures for minutes at a time, in the best possible alignment. For those students who are less flexible, using props ensur

Using Binaural Beats Meditation to Relax

Binaural beats meditation is one of the latest crazes in training your own mind to relax. If you never heard of this before, it is the process by which you have a sound going into one ear at one frequency and any other ear at a different frequency.

What Are the Best Yoga Clothes For Women of Our Age Group?

Our kids were finally old enough that we could go back to doing the yoga classes my friend Helene and I used to love. One afternoon we stopped by the gym to check out the session times and see what the ladies were wearing to the classes nowadays. We couldn't believe the change in outfits! We wa