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Recurring Yeast Infection

Recurring yeast infections are no fun. Just ask anyone who is plagued with the embarrassing and painful symptoms of a candida fungal infection. It doesn't matter where the yeast fungal outbreak is - it could be the mouth (oral thrush), penis, vagina. Every time the infection returns, the sympto

Bonnet Hair Drier

It’s a tough job standing in an isle trying to look for the latest and the best hair drier.

The Cosmetic Scare of Breast Augmentation and Keloid Scars

Keloid scars or scarring has been medically defined as a type of abnormal scar or scars which grow overtly along the border or boundary of an original skin injury. These scares also depict raised growths that are ill defined around the area of a damaged skin.

Investing in a Simple Facial Moisturizer Can Pay Off

Many people underestimate the benefits of a facial moisturizer. They are sometimes willing to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging serums, but fail to invest in a reasonably priced day cream.

Ways To Help Women Deal With Menopause

Menopause is a term used to describe a time in the woman's reproductive phase, when the ovaries cease to produce the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is in this stage of life that a woman's menstruation periods end and the body under goes changes that make a woman incapa

Risk Factors For Symptoms of PMS

There are several risk factors that may increase your chances for developing more severe PMS symptoms. Some of these risk factors are out of your control, but some can be changed, giving you more power to find PMS relief.

Face Lifts & Plastic Surgery Can Replace Expensive Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products have become a billion dollar industry in today's modern world. To keep our faces fresh, young, and vital, many people have embarked on daily facial routines that border upon full time jobs.It's not unheard of for some people to spend thousands and thousands of dollars eve

What Is The Best Method To Remove Unwanted Hair?

Most people have been shaving for their majority of their lives and it is common to see razor blades in a bathroom cabinet. Although shaving is fast and effective, it is the most temporary method of hair removal as it only cuts the hairs from the surface of your skin and as the hair continues to gro

Tea Tree Oil - Heal Your Skin Naturally

Tea Tree Tea Tree is the most powerful antibiotic and antifungal of the essential oils. It's pungent, medicinal fragrance is refreshing and revitalizing to the senses. The oil is distilled from the leaves of the Tea Tree.

Why People Choose to Proceed With Egg Donation?

Women whose own eggs do not result in a viable pregnancy choose to proceed with egg donation. Some of the reasons why a woman's own eggs cannot be used and lot more information about this procedure explained here.

How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Vaginosis In A Natural Way

"How can I get rid of bacterial vaginosis?" is a common question. BV is a fairly common problem among women and many women are aware that the usual medicinal option is to take antibiotics to treat BV.

Venalta Helps You Show Off Your Legs!

The return of another sizzling summer makes us expose more skin due to the heat and fashion trends. A prime season and reason to make sure our body is at its finest appearance!