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How to Successfully Hook a Nightcrawler to Catch More Fish

Night crawlers are the old standby in fishing bait. More fish have been caught using them than any other live bait, but they have to be hooked correctly in order to maximize fishing success. When hooked right, the worm will hang straight and wiggle around in the water, looking like a fish's natural

Staying at Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge

Alaska is one of the best and most amazing countries that have different kinds of fishes like salmon and other kind of species. It is really relaxing if you stay at a nice, cool and ...

How to Read a Dial Fish Finder

Dial-type fish finders -- also known as flashers -- help a fisherman understand what is going on beneath his boats. Flashers show depth of water, bottom type, vegetation, structures, obstructions and fish presence on a circular dial. A dial-type fish finder is often one of the most important pieces

Alaska Fishing in the Summer

Tens of thousands of tourists visit Alaska each year with the specific intent of enjoying the fishing. Summer fishing in Alaska offers a wide range of options, but and with a wide range of rules that vary across the state. Regulations in one area might be completely different than those in another s

Spring Walleye Fishing Tips

A nice eater size walleye.walleye image by Elena Vdovina from Fotolia.comWalleye are a popular game fish throughout the United States and Canada. Sought as delicious table fare and a challenge to catch, the walleye's range has expanded since the 1980s as more states introduce walleye into...

How to Tie a Spade End Hook

Spade end hooks are used by many anglers in the British Isles and Europe when fishing for carp. Featuring a small diameter wire, spade hooks are not readily found or used by anglers in the United States. The distinguishing difference between a spade and traditional hook is the lack of an eye. The sh

How to Make Saltwater Flies

Saltwater fly fishing is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. With the high price of saltwater flies, and sharp-toothed fish that can destroy a fly with one bite, tying your own flies is the way to go. The good news is that you don't have to be an artist to tie flies that catch fish. Saltwater

Types of Trout in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to two native trout species -- brook and lake -- and one introduced fish, the brown trout. All trout are carnivorous fish, so fishermen use bait such as worms or salmon eggs to lure trout to their hooks. Some of Connecticut's trout-stocked waters are Mill River, Cox Reservoir, Na

Blue Catfish Fishing in Ohio

Blue catfish are less common in Ohio than channel and flathead catfish, but they are among the most challenging fish to catch in North America, and one of the largest. Though they are not found throughout most of the state, these huge fish can be caught in the Ohio River, one of the best blue cat fi

Homemade Artificial Lures

Catching fish with your own lures can be a rewarding experience. It can also be an inexpensive way to fill up your tackle box without shouldering the costs of store-bought bait. There are many styles of artificial lures that can be made. The most important consideration is making sure the lure produ

How to Clean a Baitcasting Reel

Unless you keep your baitcasting reel locked in an airtight compartment, chances are it will get dirty. Dust and other particles have a knack for getting into every nook and cranny of a reel. Left unchecked, dirt can reduce its useful life. Take time after every fishing season to clean your baitcast

How Do Travertine Terraces Work?

Mineral Composition Beneath Travertine TerracesMillions of years ago, sea animals died. Their skeletons fell to the ocean floor where over time they turned into limestone. This limestone lies deep beneath the ground near travertine terraces. For travertine terraces to form, geothermal...

The Best Line Edgers & Trimmers

Line edgers and trimmers, sometimes called sting trimmers, help take the backbreaking work out of weeding, trimming plants and edging grass. These machines are great for manicuring your landscaping along walkways, breaking down tall weeds and neatly trimming around posts and trees. It's important to

Tournament Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing tournaments have gained widespread popularity across North America.FISHING image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comBass fishing tournaments have become popular across the U.S. with 20 states currently holding professional tournaments. While competition can be tough, for those who...

Instructions For Crabbing

Crab fishing is something you can do from a dock or boat. Crabbing from a boat provides broader opportunities for success, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, pier fishing is something you can do year round. Regardless which method you choose, crabbing is a recreational

How to Clean Out a Sea Monkey Tank

Sea Monkeys are one of the iconic pets of childhood for many people. These mutated brine shrimp have entertained generations of children and are still popular today. As in any aquarium, eventually a Sea Monkey tank will get too dirty for the occupants to survive and will need to be cleaned. Cleaning

Bobber Fishing Techniques for Steelhead

Canadian fisherman long have employed bobber fishing techniques for catching steelhead salmon. Bobber fishing is essentially using a float on your fishing line to suspend the bait you are using in the water. Often this type of fishing is utilized in lakes and ponds, but it also is useful on streams

Five Tips On Teaching Your Kids To Fish

Teaching your kids to fish is a great introduction to a wonderful hobby that they will enjoy throughout their lives. The trouble is if you start out on the wrong foot you could easily put ...