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Is Discount Travel Still Possible?

With the vast majority of travel sites and travel agents saying that they offer the lowest prices, is it really possible to get a good deal? Not only is it possible, but you don't even need to use the discount travel sites and travel agents with their huge markups and hidden fees. You can get a

Reasons Why People Travel By Train

Whenever you are touring a country, from city to city, travelling by train can be a great way to view all that the country has to offer. Many people continue to travel by train occasionally because of the benefits that it comes with. Below are some of the reasons why train travel has remained one of

How to Party in Las Vegas on a Budget

The party suites are perhaps the best way to have an incredible time when in Vegas. Of course, there are so many other places you can have a nice time in Vegas when on a budget. For example, the amazing fountains outside Bellagio are a spectacular show that is completely free and if you visit them a

Eating Cheaply in Paris

Eating cheaply in Paris is easy if you know some basic tricks and tips. Discover the best and the cheapest food options in France's capital city.

5 Most Overlooked Backpackers Expenses

We know airfares and private rooms can be expense. But here are the five most overlooked hidden costs that can shorten your backpack trip.

Best Corporate Travel Packages - Europe Group Tours

Corporate Travel could be a part of the business enterprise trade these days. several corporations these days area unit international corporations with its executives and workers perpetually traveling the world for business functions. company Travel ...

Worldventure Dreamtrips: Are Dreamtrips Good Value or Not?

Is Worldventure's Dreamtrips and Dreamtrip membership a good deal or not? I have evaluated the benefits against 3 criteria: 1) flexibility/choice of destination, 2) membership entitlements, and 3) membership costs. Ultimately it depends on what you want from your travel club membership. If you

How to Prepare for Travel in Israel

Israel is also known as the "Holy Land," and is sacred to people who practice Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is a country with ancient ruins, beaches, desert and religious history. The official languages are Hebrew and Arabic, though many Israelis learn to speak English in school. Israel can b

Cape Town's Attraction

The trip to Cape Town will be a whole package for you and you can enjoy everything there you want to enjoy.

Six Flags Great Adventure - Where Thrill Meets Courage

If you are set out and you are not sure what plans are good for the year or season I would recommend the Six Flags Great Adventure. This is an amusement park that will make you really enjoy the moments that you will spend there. At this park you will enjoy rides that will shake you to the bone.

Find Cheap Vacations - Holidays That Won't Break the Bank

During the current economic crunch, planning a holiday trip might seem beyond the grasp of most. There are many holidays that are inexpensive and won't cost you very much money. Locating the perfect beach vacation is easy if you follow the directions in our guide to finding vacations that won&a

Take time to Observe Nature

Costa Rica vacations do not have to be expensive. Here are 20 quick tips for visiting Costa Rica on vacation. These budget travel tips will save money.

California Laws on Employer Paying for Travel Expenses

California labor laws require employers to reimburse employees for all business-related travel expenses that the employer does not pay directly. If any expense is subject to a maximum acceptable amount, the employer must provide written notice to the employee before he incurs the expense; if the emp

Discount Motels in Cordele, Georgia

Cordele is famous for watermelon.watermelon image by ewa kubicka from Fotolia.comThe city of Cordele, Georgia--also known as the watermelon capital of the world--hosts an annual watermelon festival each June. Cordele prides itself on being a small, southern, hospitable city with big city...