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Clone Golf Clubs

You can purchase high quality golf clubs at discount prices. Discount clone golf clubs should not to be confused with the branded products they may seek to flatter, clone golf clubs are made from essentially the same materials and design principles. One of the great things about golf is that it&apos

Ted Williams - Boston Red Sox

Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams was born on August 30, 1918 in San Diego, California. The New York Yankees offered young Ted Williams $200 a month to play for their ball club.

The Value of Owning Your Own Batting Cage

I absolutely believe that the #1 backyard training aid that any player could ever hope to have is a batting cage and a pitching machine...even if the pitching machine needs to be budgeted at a later date. The reason this is so important has to do with how ballplayers are built, how they improve fast

The Basics of Cricket Batting

Successful batsmen make batting look simple because they get the basics right. Of course, good technique doesn't just happen. A respected Australian coach at my club demonstrates skills with the message "practice that 100 times ...

Improve your Vertical Jump Immediately

Performing basketball game is probably the a lot of exciting activities in existence however, you are trying to learn tips on how to boost up your vertical jump the appropriate way. It helps you love ...

2006-2007 NCAA Basketball Preview

NCAA College Basketball Preview By Jared Ellegood For me, the dawn of the upcoming college basketball season brings to mind a variety of emotions. The intense desire to get out on the basketball court, and ...

The Right Gear is Always Right

Running gear is an important piece when it comes to running, much like your running shoes. It doesn't matter if you just plan to lose weight or you are serious about the sport. Finding the right gear for you is always a big help.

How to Choose Football Gifts for Kids

Children develop a love for football from the youngest of ages and that is especially true if there are football fans in their own families. Being a fan of a certain team is often something that spans generations and continues on as a tradition. If your little one has developed a love for a specific

Puncture Repair Kit

Flat tyres are inevitable for any cyclist, and knowing a bicycle puncture repair is an absolute necessity, but ever wondered about the best method to fix a bicycle puncture out on the road? Here's a ...

When Runners DNF

DNF is often viewed as a dirty word in the running community. Most people think it always means Did Not Finish, but it can also mean Do Nothing Foolish. Not finishing a race can be a wise choice.

Orca - The Best Wetsuit Makers

Orca, a company based in New Zealand is a top line producer of wetsuits. Its quality has made it one of the leading companies of wetsuits in the world.

Robert Yates Racing Falls Apart

Robert Yates Racing is in a jam for the 2007 season. Both of Yates' premier drivers are gone. It also seems likely that both of Yates' primary sponsors are gone. This is a NASCAR team that is truly starting over from scratch.

A Cure for Golf Choking

Choking occurs when when a golfer over thinks a movement that would otherwise be automatic. Professional golfers train until their muscle movements are smooth and automatic. Tour pros need to rely on an automatic swing ...

Muirfield No. 13

What are is the yardage and par of the 13th hole on the Muirfield links? Find out, and view a photo of the hole.

What Is Yani Tseng's Winning Secret?

Some people never win a single tournament. Others win several. Yani Tseng has won 15 times in 5 years. What can an amateur golfer do to prepare him or herself optimally to win more often?

Gym Mats For Sale And Tips To Get Good Ones

Some of the important things to know about gym mats. The gym mats are very helpful in making our workouts more comfortable and safer. In fact they facilitates the users in getting more value for their work out time.