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Explanation of Holy Week for Children

Holy Week is the last week of the 40 days of Lent. It is the week right before Easter Sunday. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends with Holy Saturday. Many Christians celebrate Holy Week to commemorate the final days of Jesus. Holy Week has not always been celebrated. It was first observed about 600

Spiral Frog - Music & Video Downloads

Spiral Frog was the newest kid on the Music & Video download block from 2007 - 2009 when they shut down the site in March. Members could download music and videos for free, but there were certain restrictions and rules that had to be followed.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic records are quite simply an energetic database in the ethers. Sounds pretty wafty and off the planet, but just like the internet, it's a magnificent source of information that you can easily access, ...

How to Decorate Gravestones

Visits to a grave can be an important element in the grieving process. Decorating a gravestone is a thoughtful way to memorialize and honor a loved one after they've passed on. However, not every flower or plant is suitable for a gravestone as some can grow enormously over time, covering the letters

Funeral Cremation Services

Read about the History of Funeral Cremation Services. Where the origins became practiced and modern cremation services.

Spiritual Evolution: the Light

Spiritual Evolution discusses spiritual enlightenment, healing and growth while developing an alignment to your personal divinity.

How to Join the Amish Church

Although the Amish do not seek converts, you can become a member of the Amish community -- if your desire for a life of spiritual simplicity is sincere. Some may draw toward the Amish religion out of attraction toward simple living, away from the hectic rigors of high-tech, high-anxiety modern livin

The Average Cost of a Cremation

Cremation is a process that uses extreme heat to reduce a dead body to ashes and bone fragments. People choose cremation for a variety of reasons including concern for the environment, dislike of the idea of being buried, and worry about the high cost of a traditional funeral.

Oaths to Become a Catholic Priest

In Catholicism, members of the clergy are viewed as direct mediators between the congregation and God, able to act as God's representatives in matters like the absolution of sins and the bestowing of sacraments. Because priests are considered to perform God's will, they must take a number of vows or

Picking Out Immediate Plans In Mobile Games

Although Flash is an old technology, but there are few flaws that gives an upper hand to HTML5 technology. Nonetheless, Apple is however to ensure or refuse any sort of of those gossips, so until ...

Archangel Metatron Essential Oils

Essential oils associated with Archangel Metatron relate to life's transitions. You can use them in prayer, meditation, or aromatherapy...

When God Is One, Why People Fight In The Name Of Religion?

Every religion believes that God is One. Yet it is also a fact that people have always fought in the name of religion. Even in the modern world, religion continues to be the cause of conflict in many parts of the world. This article why the same God is represented differently in different religions

Do Atheists Need More Proof?

Some people say they need proof, like Thomas of old, before they will believe. Some say they need to be absolutely convinced beyond a shadow of doubt. On the surface, it looks like some people need more proof than others, before they will commit themselves to a serious change. Here are some pointers

What You Need to Know About the Vedas, India’s Most Sacred Texts

The Vedas are the most comprehensive and universal of all ancient scriptures. They have guided our religious direction for ages and will continue to do so for generations to come. Here's an introduction to Vedic Literature and the four Vedas...

666, The Mark of The Beast

In the Book of Revelation we read about the mark of the beast that will come upon the world in the end times. Most people are still awaiting the number, or the mark to makes its appearance on the scene. But there is no need to wait any longer as it is already here.

The Canon Of The Newtestament

The word canon is derived from the Greek word kanon (“kanon”), a rod, ruler, staff, or measuring rod. The Biblical canon is the list of books recognized by the leaders of the church, based on objective criteria, to be inspired by God and to authoritatively and accurately express the hist