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Horse Gifts for Men

Horses are a popular motif, and there's no shortage of merchandise displaying the theme. From bookends to blankets, you can find just about anything to decorate a horse lover's home or office -- or even himself -- at nearly any price. When buying horse gifts for a man, keep in mind the type of horse

How to Send a Free Birthday Greeting

An e-card, or electronic greeting card, is a quick, easy way to send a birthday greeting. Less costly than a paper greeting card, an e-card allows users to add a personal message to a card or select animated cards with music. While many websites offer e-cards, not all are free and knowing which site

What Are a Mothers Xmas Worries and Some Advice to Help?

There is always worries that something will be forgotten or missed so really this article is about the trials and tribulations of a mother coming up to Xmas and making it the best she can. This is my opinion so I hope it makes you chuckle and on a serious note that it is of some help.

8th Anniversary Ideas

Don't let anniversaries lose passion as years go on.rose and wedding-ring image by Mykola Velychko from Fotolia.comEight years have passed since you tied the knot and you're probably completely out of gift ideas. Countless birthdays, holidays and anniversaries have passed and chances are...

How to Create a Coaster for a Baby With Knitting

A coaster for a baby would be a small mat or doily to protect the baby’s furniture when you put down a bottle or other items. To liven up a baby’s room, instead of using a plain cork coaster, knit one using a delicate pattern and soft pastel yarn. Any baby blanket pattern stitch can be u

Christmas Gifts for Parents From Preschoolers

Christmas is a festival of celebrations and gift giving. Gift-giving during Christmas traces back to ancient Roman festivals. This tradition eventually evolved as the Biblical story of the three wise men became popular in Roman Catholicism. However, gift-giving is not always about buying...

Homemade Christmas Gift Boxes

Demonstrating thoughtfulness during the Christmas season goes beyond the gift itself; you can show your affection through the way you wrap your presents, too. Homemade Christmas gift boxes can be easily created from materials you already have around the house, such as greeting cards, wrapping paper

6 Unique Decorating Tips For Halloween

Looking for some unique decorating ideas for Halloween? Setup your house with some of these great ideas that are cost effective and easy to do.

Gift Ideas for Woman Surgeon

Give her a piece of modern art to hang in her waiting room.Impasto painting image by Levon Arakelian from Fotolia.comWhether you are congratulating a friend on achieving her goal of becoming a surgeon or expressing your gratitude for a doctor's life-saving surgery, it is important to...

Charateristics of the Cancer Sun Sign

The Cancer sun sign of the zodiac is represented by the crab with its protective shell.Lawrence Lawry/Photodisc/Getty ImagesCancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac in focus between June 22 and July 22. According to "," Cancerians are likely to put down roots and establish a...

Fiftieth Birthday Crafts for a Sister

When your sister is turning 50-years-old, it's a special occasion that you want to help her celebrate. Rather than going to a store and buying a gift, consider making one yourself. A handmade craft gift will be personal and meaningful to your sister. A handmade gift that reflects your sister's perso

What Is the Easiest Way to Decorate a Halloween Booth for Kids?

If you have a Halloween booth at your local school carnival or county fair, you may need ideas about how to decorate the booth with kids to give it a Halloween feel. It's easy to get your children involved in decorating your booth. It can be a simple and fun way to spend time together, while still

Garfield Birthday Ideas

Created by Jim Davis, the Garfield comic strip was first published on June 19, 1978, in 41 newspapers. Since that time, Garfield has become known the world over as the famous fat cat who loves to eat lasagna. If a child in your family loves the comic strip, throw a Garfield-themed birthday party.

Good Wine for a Party

Choosing wine for a party is frequently challenging, especially if the host is not familiar with the taste preferences of various guests. Following a few simple guidelines simplifies the process and will likely please the partygoers.

How to Make a Costume With Stuff Around the House

Don't worry if you're invited to a Halloween Party at the last minute and you don't have a costume. You probably have everything you need for a perfect Halloween costume right in your own home. Whether you need to dress a child for his class Halloween party or find spooky duds for your own Halloween

Cheap Graduation Party Ideas

Save money on a graduation party while still throwing a memorable celebration.graduation graffiti image by michele goglio from Fotolia.comSaving money is forefront in the minds of many parents of recent graduates, and an inexpensive party to celebrate the completion of schooling is one...

How to Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia Craft

The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance. Also called the horn of plenty, the cornucopia spills over with fruits, vegetables, flowers and other good things from the harvest. It has become one of the most popular decorations to make for Thanksgiving day. It is also a very simple craft project which ca

Welcome Home Decorating Ideas For Redeployment

Welcome your loved one home between deployments with decorations that say "We Missed You."front yard decorated for fourth of july image by Christopher Martin from Fotolia.comLet your serviceman (or woman) know how much he is missed by decorating to welcome him home, even during a brief...

Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Mother & Daughter

Get together with your daughter for Halloween and conjure up coordinating costumes for your party, haunted house or trick-or-treating session. Choose from a variety of mother-daughter costumes that consist of iconic duos in television and movies or select other wardrobe choices that depict related p