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Don't Garland Me

We must always agree to disagree, Enjoy the bloom and feel so free. How fruits hang on gigantic trees? Shade to all and refuge to honey bees...

The Goddess Lives

The Divine Feminine is on her return to Her equal place with the Divine Masculine. Welcome Her back!

The Man Whisperer

This poem is a gently humorous look at an aspect of married life. The partner who whispers down their mate holds the moment beautifully, but the response is all-important too.

A Tale of Supernatural Powers

'The Misconception' is a short story about a young girl's growing realisation that she is able to do things that no-one else in her family can, although some of her school friends say they have similar unusual psychic, supernatural powers. The girl's name is Megan and she is twel

"Making Money" by Terry Pratchett - Book Review

In this second book about Moist von Lipwig, the reluctant hero gets to be in charge of the bank. As if he didn't have enough on his plate already. And his past is catching up on him...

A Father's Reflective Joy - A Poem

Porcupine prickly is not what I mean, Brazened with emotion I feel pretty keen, When I consider you - the fact that I've been, Always there I'll be for you, not a moment green. Present that day you first peered into my eye, Teary looks returned not a moment dry! Now as I reflect back life&

America's Comprehensive Plan

The new buzz word coming from the White House is "comprehensive" as it seeks to reform major societal problems and international issues.This is a clever way to buy time and sort out what to do with the mess we have created and things long neglected.

Moving Forward From Emotional Destruction

This destructive behavior cannot go on, me following your lead. This relationship is not for me. I am hurt and have rage in me that want to hurt you. You have cheated, lied and stole from our trust bond.

Poetry For Teens - Ways to Express Yourself

Poetry for teens can be a means of releasing the emotional loss of a friend, family member or even a pet. Relocation, can be very stressful as well. Some families move frequently. At these times, creating poems about the landscapes and the skies can provide a powerful tool, which will enable them to

Historical Fiction Novels - The Ancient World

This is a follow up to my article "Historical Fiction." The ancient world comes alive for us through the writings of many skilled authors - all for our pleasure.

Book Review - Our Oneness In Christ By Ian Johnson And Lauston Stephens

"Our Oneness in Christ" is a refreshing, reminder of the need to live consistent with our position as believers. We are one with Christ and in Christ. Ian Johnson and Lauston Stephens provide insights often overlooked in today's literature, pulpits, and seminaries.These important trut

Show and Tell

When her parents began fighting because the farm was making no money Vanderlaan's mother had come to the end of her endurance.Her mother's relationship with motorcycle riding Bunny was a turning point, and not for the better for Vanderlaan, her siblings or their father.

Short Bible Stories - Book Review of Bethlehem's Baby by Sheila Deeth

Bethlehem's Baby is the sixth volume of short bible stories written by Biblical author, Shelina Deeth. This volume includes stories following the birth of Christ (including the story of Caesar Augustus, Herod, John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, and many more). Bethlehem's Baby includes more t

Philip Jose Farmer's 'World of Tiers' Series

Escapism, in all its many and manifest forms, must be one of the greatest themes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature. From C.S. Lewis' Narnia series to the Witchworld novels of Andre Norton, many writers have been drawn to tales which turn on the concept (or desire) to leave this Earth and journey

Catholic Book Publishing

The Catholic faith has made its presence felt not only in the religious aspect of the lives of it members, but also in education and a variety of social concerns.Given this, there is a need for the Catholic Church to reach out and clarify the views the Church has on different issues.These views can

Promises I Made to My Mother by Sam Haskell - A Book Review

Promises I Made to My Mother by Sam Haskell is a heart-warming memoir of a person who despite being in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood has struggled to keep with the values that his mother taught him.It will make readers feel good about our world.

Conor Grennan Making a Difference With Those LITTLE PRINCES

Conor Grennan finds himself in the war-torn country of Nepal where he went to do a year of noble volunteering. In LITTLE PRINCES, his memoir, little did Grennan know that he would find something so different from what he expected and would be forced to return because when he leaves, he leaves a part