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What Is a Savannah Cat?

A Savannah cat is a fairly new hybrid cat breed that is growing in popularity. It is a domestic animal with an exotic look, resembling the wild cats that helped make the breed. They are loved for their curious, outgoing personalities and their dog-like loyalty to their human companions.

Sleeping in Comfort With a Cat Bed

People like a comfy bed to rest and so do animals, particularly cats. Cats spend most of time sleeping and curling up.

How to Tell When a Cat Is Friendly & Welcoming?

Cats have their own general behavior patterns that are different from other animals. If you are used to being around only dogs, for example, you may have difficulty assessing a cat's mood and general disposition. Although cats have different individual personalities, there are common behaviors that

Cat Suckling Problems

Suckling is a normal action by kittens when feeding on their mothers, but some cats will continue to suckle after being weaned. That often happens when kittens are weaned too early, so the kitten looks for other things to suckle on, which can include their own paws, other kittens or animals, people,

Are Cats Scratching Your Furniture? Here is How to Get Them to Stop

Cats can be wonderful pets and a joyful addition to a family. But a cat scratching furniture can make one of these lovable creatures become a source of frustration and an expense when it destroys your furniture. So how do you get a cat to stop scratching furniture?

Christmas Cats Picture Gallery: Watson

Cats generally enjoy holidays, and Christmas and the other Winter holidays are no exception. Enjoy this picture of cats lounging by the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery. Other Winter holiday cat photos are also most welcome here.

My Cat's Skin Is Red, Scabby & Losing Hair

Similar to humans, hair loss in cats is also referred to as alopecia. Alopecia in cats is occasionally accompanied by inflamed, red, scabby spots on the skin, typically within the hair loss region. While any of these symptoms are cause for concern, some are more serious than others. Hair loss and re

Feline Herpesvirus 1 & Rhinotracheitis

Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is an upper respiratory disease caused by the feline herpesvirus 1. It is transmitted via close contact through shared objects, saliva, tears and nasal discharge. "The Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians" notes that this illness causes about one half of al

How Can I Recycle Cat Litter?

Cat litter is hard to recycle, depending on the litter material. Conventional cat litter is made of clay, which does not break down easily. There now is, however, a wide choice of alternative, earth-friendly materials being used to produce litter that are biodegradable and can be recycled. Since cat

2009 Tabby Cats Picture Gallery: Toby

Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother Earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory. Because Mother Earth comes alive in the Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be, we celebrate tabby cats in our March Cat Picture Calendar You'll find dozens of

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Dusty is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Although the entry deadline has passed, the judges panel are going through over 400 entries to select 12 semi-finalists. You may help decide the top six contestants, and the ultimate Cutest Cat of 2009.

Early Stages of Feline Kidney Disease

Feline kidney disease and renal failure are some of the most frequent causes of death amongst older cats. The symptoms of kidney disease can be similar to the symptoms of several other feline diseases, and unfortunately do not always show up until the disease has progressed to its final stages.

Cat Pregnancy - What to Expect, Pre-Delivery

Caring for a pregnant cat is not really that much more difficult than taking care of any cat. As any cat owner knows, cats are very self sufficient animals, but they will often try to hide it if there is something wrong. If your cat is pregnant or you adopt a pregnant stray cat, make sure you bring

Cat Flaps - Keep Your Cat Happy by Letting It Roam Free

That cat's behave as though they own your house and you are there to serve them. That bossy demeanor, you have to admit, is part of what makes cats so great to have as pets. Mind you this behavior is also a source of problems for some cat owners. If your cat, for example, has been indoors for a

How to Stop Pheromones in Fighting Cats

Cats identify each other by scents that the human nose doesn't pick up. These scents are generated by glands in the cat's body. Hormonally based scents, called pheromones, are used to identify a territory as a cat's own. When two cats, particularly male cats, encounter strange pheromones, they often

Cat Bad Breath

Cat bad breath is not so different from human bad breath: it tends to be caused by the activities of bacteria in the mouth that break down proteins and release sulfur compounds into the air. Sulfur smells bad, so breath that contains sulfur compounds smells bad also. In cats, the bacteria that cause

Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

There are a number of ailments that are shared by cats and humans and urinary tract infections is one. If you have ever had a UTI you will know just how painful they can be. Left untreated, they can become serious for your cat.

2009 Memorial Gallery to Special Cats: Simon

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a thoughtful way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself. Your tributes to your own Special Ca

Cat Training - How, Why, and When to Train a Cat

Cat Training should not be a secret known only to cat behaviorists. In fact, cat training can be learned and practiced at home, given enough motivation for both you and the cat. You probably already are motivated to train a cat because of annoying, destructive, or dangerous cat behavior. Your job is