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Dwarf Seahorses - An Amazing Aquarium Addition

As a child we can remember if we were lucky to walk the beach, we would find a seahorse washed up on the shore. It would make us sad as they are fascinating and amazing and now you can enjoy providing a home for the dwarf variety and enjoy hours having your eyes on your home tank...

Looking After Your Colorful Koi - The Basics of Koi Care

In a well designed pond Koi care is not that difficult provided you pay close attention to a few details on a very regular basis. Koi are an active fish and can make huge demands on the quality of your pond water. Adequate pumps and filters together with vigorous plant life form the basis of maintai

The Nitrogen Cycle & Fishless Cycling Methods

A breakdown of aquarium cycling with an emphasis on the Fishless Cycling Method in a freshwater aquarium. A list of equipment needed to monitor and maintain the biological cycle are provided along with a step-by-step guide to tank cycling.

Getting Rid Of Fish Ich

Ich exists in nature but because of the ratio of water to fish, it does not cause much of an infestation. However in an enclosed system like an aquarium where the generally is more fish than allowable, this results in infections that can be truly severe.