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Advice for Getting a Bird to Speak

There are a number of birds that can actually whistle or speak if they hear another bird or person doing it. While it isn't exactly speech the same as humans but it still sounds very much the same. Usually a bird can say some words but sometimes you can even get some sentences out of them.

How to Raise Backyard Crayfish

If you are looking for an extra food source or to make some money, raise backyard crayfish. More than 300 species of crayfish are found and grown in the United States. Red crayfish are commonly found in the southern region of the United States, while white crayfish are more commonly found in the nor

How to Make Homemade Parrot Food

Parrots can live for more than thirty years and they become part of the family. It's easy to help keep your parrot happy and healthy with easy homemade parrot food. This is a simple recipe that your parrot will love.


Defines the term "cull" as it relates to culling birds, including how and why birds are culled.

Florida's Large Bird Identification

Many of the large birds that live in Florida year-round have exceptionally long necks and legs for wading in the swampy terrain, while others have expansive wingspans for coasting high above the water to find fish. Birds are known to migrate to the state seasonally and inspired the term "snow-birds,

Parrot Antics

Parrots are normally known for their knowledge and antics. People give them lessons to develop their skills and be able to have fun with their pets. Like a kid, parrots are given lessons to learn antics for certain kinds. They would in turn act more mature and behave when given lessons.

Find an Idaho Bird Breeder

Locate an Idaho bird breeder quickly and easily in this handy directory of local Idaho bird breeders!

Training a Parrot to Talk

The ability of a parrot to mimic human speech accurately has to be the main reason why parrots are popular as pets.So how do you train a parrot to talk? This article describes my preferred method.

How to File a Bird's Beak

Filing a bird's beak is a controversial practice. Some veterinarians say it should be done in their offices, others say the bird will groom itself, and others think it is fine to groom your bird yourself. Trimming a bird's beak can be done successfully, to avoid vet charges; however, gentleness is

How to Deal With a Pigeon Problem

Pigeons are cute and can be fun to feed, but they can cause damage to your house and car with their droppings and nests. If you want to get rid of a pigeon problem, you have to make your area as uncomfortable for the pigeons as you can, so they will move their nests to calmer waters.

The Perfect Home For the Perfect Pet

Many keep birds as pets so that they may have some serenity and beauty in their lives. Though it seems a little cruel to keep birds locked up in museums and cages, there are many ways to make sure your pet bird is getting as much comfort as possible.

Water Birds in Florida

Florida's watery environments, including swamps, marshes, mud flats and coastal areas, provide a habitat and foraging ground for a wide variety of water birds, including many threatened and endangered species. Florida's water birds include pelicans, ibises, storks, cormorants and the anhinga, which