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Last Minute show Theatre Tickets in London

The quickest way to book your show tickets is using the various official ticketing websites on the Internet. These sites are reliable, safe and secure for your money transactions. Official ticketing w

Double-deuce Gatt

The definition of "Double-deuce Gatt" from the About Crime Glossary.

Jax and Brenda

Jax - General Hospital character bio continued with Jax and Brenda

Turkey at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games

Your Guide to the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Turkey: Turkey's Olympic history and country profile, and Turkey's athletes at the 2008 Olympics by name and by sport, or game.

Repunzel, Repunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Bad Hair, Worse Fashion: Check out the looks at Carlos Diez at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Spring Summer '09. Buck Wolf, longtime member of the Us Weekly Fashion Police, has the scoop.

Labor Leader Trumka's Speech on Financial Woes of Americans

Full text of speech delivered by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on January 11, 2010 at the National Press Club on which he smartly, succinctly described the financial woes and anger at political leadership, both Democratic and Republican, of working men and women.

Who Was Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin faced a smear campaign by killer George Zimmerman and his defense team as well as by right-wing extremists in the months after his death. The slain teen’s family and friends have tried to set the record straight about his life by providing the media with info to piece together a

Recap of the Travyon Martin Case and Aftermath

This overview of the Trayvon Martin case provides information on the events leading up to the 17-year-old's murder, the controversies the case has sparked and biographical details about Martin and killer George Zimmerman. The summary also includes quotes from prominent figures about the case.

The Hug

Lost Photo - Tricia Tanaka is Dead Photo, Lost season 3, episode 10.

There is a Difference Between Psychic Mediumship

Medium of psychic reading and psychic reading - we often confuse the two. What does each mean? Medium of psychic reading is when a psychic is able to communicate and talk to those on the other side. S