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The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year vs. AdBusters

The day after Thanksgiving is Buy Nothing Day: November 25, 2005;Grassroots AdBusters is challenging America's biggest shopping day of the year and 65 countries are participating.

What Prompted Israel to Launch Operation Cast Lead?

These terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians are meant to disrupt negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and to prevent a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Middle East. Hamas has sought to promote the political agenda in its Charter: to exterminate the State of I

How Are the Throne & the Ballot Box Similar?

The ballot box is what voters in democracies use to choose officials to run their government for them. The throne is the seat on which a ruler sits, usually for life and by hereditary rights, in nation-states where there is a monarchy. While the difference between the two types of government is a di

Election Outcome Shows Disturbing Reality

The voting patterns on Nov. 7 reflect unsettling behavior and decision making. This beggs the question, do we really even care about the issues anymore?

How to Mail 9 X 12 Envelopes

When you have important documents, papers or other materials that need to be mailed, a 9-inch by 12-inch envelope is an option. Nine- by 12-inch envelopes are a good choice when the documents you're sending cannot be folded in order to be placed in a business envelope or if, when folded, the documen

Where Are the Polling Places for Early Voting in Dallas County?

Texas, like many other states, allows registered voters to cast their ballots before Election Day. It's called early voting, and Dallas County has several polling places set up for nine days prior to an election. The early voting polls then close four days before Election Day. As of the date of publ

How to Write Your Senator

Knowing how to write your Senator is something we all should learn. Between postal mailing and e-mail submissions our Senators and Representatives receive a vastly large amount of mail per day. So much in fact, that a staff is kept in order to keep up with the staggering volumes of it. Regardless, o

Things to Do to Advocate for Women's Rights

While much progress has been made in expanding the rights of women, gender inequality remains in many places, especially when considered on a global scale. Those interested in trying to make a change and advocate on behalf of women's rights have many resources from which to choose.

Honest Politicians Often Drop Out of Races

An El Centro City Council Man was going to run for the 80th district for a California State Assembly Seat, but figured he needed 2 million dollars to do so. The only way to raise that kind of money for his campaign would be by selling himself out to the contributors and special interest groups that

The Growing Texas Secessionist Movement

Unknown to many Americans, and scoffed by many of those who do, there is a growing Texas secessionist movement. Some common assumptions are that the Texas independence movement is a recent phenomenon, precipitated by Obama's election, or that it's a "right-wing, racist, red state, rea

American Morality - A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

Has the United States lost it's basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on? In this article, I will address some of these questions, with the hope that by examining these issues, we can as a society, move in a direc

Voting Logically And Not Letting Your Emotions Get Involved

I had been a registered Democrat for over 35 years and all my life I've always been proud to be an American. One of the things I don't take lightly is voting and out of all the years I have been voting, this election of 2008 has become one of the most important and most serious elections I

Fidel Castro Is Not Augusto Pinochet

SUMMARY: My essay "Fidel Castro is not Augusto Pinochet" is thetraditional story of the Third World's apathy towards the Cuban Dictatorship...For many reasons, I think that Castro is much worse dictator than Augusto Pinochet...

The History of the Algorithm

Algorithms represent a set of rules, often utilizing charts with shapes and arrows, for completing a task or solving a problem. They've evolved over centuries to benefit not just mathematics, but many areas of society.

Stimulus and Jobs - What a Waste!

Does our government really think we are all stupid? Do they honestly believe that, by simply renaming something, we'll be fooled into accepting it? There are still billions in the first stimulus left unspent, hundreds of millions in waste, and they now want more? Where does the madness end?

Faculty Conflict Factors

There are a number of factors which lead to conflicts between image by dinostock from Fotolia.comConflicts in the workplace can be corrosive to the working environment, and nowhere is this more true than in the halls of academia. When there is conflict among the faculty,...

The Mystery of the Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate

According to the White House spokespersons for Obama, his birth place was Hawaii. In 1961 two reports in separate Hawaii newspapers had 'live certification of birth' of Obama.

How to Maintain Our Ecosystems

For the past several years, you've likely heard a lot about saving our planet and our ecosystems on television and in movies. Perhaps you haven't really given it much consideration. But you should. As the human population increases, the strain on our ecosystems also increases, which means that our s