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How to Winterize Water Gardens

If you want to keep your water garden healthy year-round, winterizing the garden is important. What you do to winterize your pond in fall makes a difference in how many or how few problems you will have with the garden in spring. Winterizing a pond helps to prevent damage caused by low temperatures

The Most Colorful Fall Maple Tree

The maple family, Acer, is one of the most colorful families of trees for fall foliage. Determining the most colorful maple tree is a subjective decision, open to argument, and also dependent on the geographic region in which the tree is grown, in addition to the weather patterns of the growing seas

Flowers to Plant With Petunias

Petunias thrive with little care other than watering and a bit of fertilizer now and then. They are annuals, so don't expect them to last more than one growing season. Cut them back if the plants get leggy or stop blooming, and it will encourage a new flush of growth and flowers. Grow petunias by th

How to Prune Niobe Clematis

Niobe is a late-flowering clematis that produces its heaviest blooming from June through September. The first flowers appear in mid-summer on new growth. A second flush of smaller blooms occurs later on the new shoots that have developed this year. To keep your Niobe in top performing condition, you

How to Grow Seedless Cantaloupe

Grow seedless cantaloupes in proximity to seeded cantaloupes. Cantaloupes are related to watermelons and grow in a similar way. Technically, there are no such things as seedless cantaloupes, just cantaloupes with very low seed counts; these are called triploid cantaloupes. Seeded cantaloupes are cal

Lantana Plant Colors

Lantana bears stunning flowers and foliage.Hemera Technologies/ ImagesLantana is a large genus that includes evergreen shrubs and perennials that are native to tropical areas of South Africa and the Americas. Some varieties of lantana are low-growing and ideal for ground...

Pomegranate Root Growth

Pomegranates originated in Central Asia, but they are found growing in the United States throughout Utah, California and Texas. When left to grow naturally, pomegranates have a low-lying bush form. Commercial growers, as well as home growers cultivating the plant for landscaping and fruit production

What Kind of Trees Are Best for Foundation Posts?

Wooden foundation posts aren't as common in building construction nowadays compared to concrete and block foundation systems. However, using wooden posts or piers may still provide a long-term and durable base to build a small shed, rustic log cabin or patio deck. The main concern about the wood use

How to Prune Geraniums

When geraniums become stringy and misshapen, they need pruned. The stems will contain leaves that exist on the tips, and the dead shoots and leaves will make the geranium unsightly. Pruning geraniums allows them to grow into healthy flowers; it also encourages new growth after the winter season pass

Fall Flowering Plants & Bushes

Some camellia varieties bloom in autumn.Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty ImagesAutumn can be a bittersweet time for the flower gardener, as the blooms of most flowering plants fade by the end of summer and become a distant memory. Though the onset of winter is of course inevitable, gardeners...

How to Fertilize Cherry Trees

Fertilizing cherry trees can improve their appearance and make them healthier and better able to resist disease. The three nutrients required by most plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen stimulates the growth of the trunk, branches and leaves. Phosphorus encourages root growth. P

How to Bud & Graft Tropical Fruit Trees

Many tropical fruit trees, including mangoes, avocado, sapote, cherimoya and citrus trees, produce better when growers join a variety with good fruiting characteristics to a root stock that is hardy and resistant to disease. To accomplish this they frequently use budding -- where a single bud is at

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth Pesticide

Diatomaceous earth, also known as DE, consists of the fossils of diatoms, an algae-like plant. To mammals, it feels like a powder, but to insects, it cuts like razors. It is therefore safe to use around pets and children while the cuts on insects cause them to lose moisture and dry out. How to us

Pioneer Project Ideas

In the 1700s and 1800s it was part of everyday life for pioneers to build homes out of sod, bonnets out of an old dress and bridges out of rope. Today's modern technology makes us take for granted the sweat and labor that went into living in a time before inventions like the modern cooking oven or t

Magnolia Tree Propagation

Fossil records show that magnolias were growing almost 60 million years ago. There are more than 100 modern species, native to East Asia and the Americas. Magnolias are grown for their large, fragrant flowers that get up to 14 inches across. Cross-breeding of different species has led to the develop

The Effect of Distilled Water on Cat Grass

Cat grass is the colloquial name for cereal grasses, such as oat or wheat, that cat owners can grow indoors for their feline friends to nibble on. Cat grass helps keep cats away from other houseplants, aids in their digestion, helps cats eliminate hairballs and provides them with fiber and nutrients

How to Treat Tree Suckers

Tree suckers are sprouts that emerge from the roots and older wood of fruit and landscape trees. The suckers will spring up and cause damage to the lawn and any surrounding pavement, including walkways and driveways. Damage to the root system or dead and dying wood will cause suckers to occur. If le

How to Prune a Gardenia Tree

Gardenias thrive from proper pruning and training---and should always be pruned immediately following their blooming season. In most regions, the blooming season is somewhere between June and July. It is imperative to only prune during this time, as the tree needs at least 4 to 6 inches of new growt

How to Make a Tomato Support

Whether you plant determinate (bush) or indeterminate (vine) tomatoes, the plants need support when tomatoes begin to grow. A tomato ladder is an easy and simple support to make that can be used for most types of tomato plants. Using relatively few supplies, you can make just one ladder or multiple

Mole Rodent Removal

Having moles in your yard and garden can be quite frustrating. They leave unsightly mounds of dirt and surface tunnels in your lawn, and can cause damage to your garden. There are several ways to get rid of moles, some more humane than others.