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Automatic & Manual Pool Covers

Pool covers are essential to keeping a well-maintained pool. Pool covers provide safety, reduce maintenance costs, and help keep your pool clean. There are two main types of swimming pool covers: automatic and manual.

How to Drain a Fish Pond

Ponds can be an enjoyable feature to have in your yard or garden space. Occasionally, due to unforseen circumstances, repair or simply wanting to move the pond, you must need to drain the pond entirely. As a result, you could use a bucket with no small amount of physical exertion; or you could take

How to Measure the Amount of Water in a Pool

Filling, emptying or topping up a pool is easier when you know how much water is required. Fortunately, most pools are regular shapes and have pumping systems to control the depth of the water, making the volume constant. Calculating the volume requires knowing the dimensions of the pool and perform

What Special Design Features Make Koalas Able to Eat Eucalyptus Trees?

Koalas are marsupials that live in eucalyptus trees.Sylvain Cordier/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesKoala bears are not really bears but rather furry marsupials that carry their young in a pouch. These Australian natives spend most of their lives in eucalyptus trees where they find their...

How to Bank a Fish Pond

A pond can be a great feature for use on farm and estate lands, providing both a useful water reservoir as well as a source of recreation and fun. Building a pond is a simple but extensive project, and calls for the use of heavy machinery. One of the best ways to construct a pond is to build up the

How to Increase Alkalinity Without Affecting pH in a Hot Tub

The alkalinity in both pools and hot tubs is essential for proper water chemistry. The alkalinity in your hot tub helps regulate the pH readings. When the alkalinity is low, it will cause the pH levels in your pool to fluctuate, preventing you from properly balancing the pH. When the alkalinity bala

Incandescent Vs. Fluorescent Pros & Cons

Incandescent bulbs are standard light bulbs that work by heating up a tungsten filament while fluorescent bulbs or CFLs work by exciting gas that causes a coating on the bulb to glow.

Cleaning Your Pool Liner

Cleaning your pool liner is really very easy. There is no need to spend a lot of money buying name brand products when there are several household products you can use.

Types of Pool Fences

Many swimming pool are surrounded by fencing, walls or both.Swimming Pool image by PinkSkyPhotos from Fotolia.comSwimming pool fencing is an important aspect of many backyard and public pools. Not only does the fencing help prevent accidents, but it also keeps out unwanted visitors, such...

How to Find Hot Tub Suppliers in Your Area

A hot tub is not only something that provides you with a great way to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day at work but they also have fantastic health benefits. Whether you are suffering from sore muscles, aching joints or are just downright stressed out, spending time in a hot tub or spa can be a

Festive Angelfish

These beautiful ceramic ornaments are part of an aquatic / fish themed Christmas tree.

Swimming Pool Filters - Sand, Cartridge Or DE

Sand, Cartridge or DE? Which filter type is right for my pool? With just a little research you can choose the correct filter system for your swimming pool and spa.

The Importance of a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

Fences are especially important for in-ground pools. The recommended height of a pool fence is a minimum of 48 inches. This height prevents young children from climbing over to access the pool area.

How to Calculate the Volume of Water in a Pool

When planning a pool, take the time to figure the volume of water the pool will hold because volume affects many aspects of a pool. For example, if you plan to heat the pool, the pool heater size you need depends on the volume of water you'll heat. In addition, the amount of chlorine and the pool fi

What Is a Flood Watch?

Flood watches are issued to the public by the National Weather Service. A flood watch means conditions occurring in the next one to two days may cause flooding in your area. Flooding conditions are normally due to nature, but can be man-made too.

Solar Fans for Greenhouses

The main purpose for a greenhouse is to store heat from outside during the day for the plants that are stored within. To optimize that natural warmth while keeping the plants cool, the installation of vents and fans can be added to the greenhouse to provide the right temperature. Some of the designs

The Outdoor Faucet Won't Stop Leaking and the Washer Has Been Replaced

Although it may be frustrating to have an outdoor faucet continuously leak water after you have installed a new washer, you can stop the seepage for good. While replacing the spigot’s washer is an excellent start to fixing the problem, if the problem persists, the spout’s packing nut may

Pool Repair Service - Required For All Kind Of Pools

Maintaining a swimming pool is not an easy task for any pool owner but there are various pool repair service companies which will help you in this case. You can get several kinds of services such as constructing and maintaining pool with reasonable charges through these repair companies.

The Advantages of the Above Ground Pool

There are several swimming pool designs to choose from if you are planning to build your own pool on your property. Consider the advantages of the above ground pool before you decide.