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How do I Install Sod by the Pallet?

With sod pallets you can have a beautiful finished lawn in a matter of hours. Sod pallets are easy to install but require daily vigilance for several weeks after installation. It is best to plan this project for the spring or fall when the heat from the sun has less chance to dry out the newly laid

Methods for Getting Rid of Annoying Koi Pond Algae

One of the problems you will undoubtedly run into when you have a koi pond in your yard is algae. Algae love to grow in warm, moist environments, such as your pond can give them. ...

Ultra Modern Privacy Fence Ideas

Enjoy both the security of privacy and pleasing aesthetics in your ultra modern privacy fence. Choose the idea that best suits your personal style and complements your yard and home. From sturdy structures with modern flair to flimsy art pieces, there's a fence for you.

How to Grow Biodynamic Vegetables

A vegetable garden is rich and productive in the home landscape, but can present some drawbacks. Standard vegetable gardens take up a lot of space, use that space inefficiently and get expensive in terms of soil and fertilizer. Green-minded gardeners use biodynamic, or biointensive, gardening practi

Astilbe Fall Care

Astilbe is a flowering perennial. Its flowers grow along tall stems and can be stiffly upright, airily open or plume-like. Some astilbe flowers have a subtle scent. Astilbe loves dappled shade. There will be fewer flowers if astilbe grows in full shade; full sun, on the other hand, will cause flower

Composite Porch Ideas

Composite porches are made from different recycled materials, mainly wood and hard plastic. Composite decking was created to eliminate the problems of wood decking, which must be treated and sealed regularly to maintain its original appearance.

Plastic Landscape Timber Edging

Landscape timbers provide a soft, natural look that adds contrast to vibrant blossoms and foliage in a landscape. Made from rot-resistant or pressure-treated wood, landscape timbers typically are laid side-by-side over secured rails to create a walkway or patio similar to a beach boardwalk. Installi

What Causes Moss to Grow Instead of Grass?

Moss can grow in lawns when conditions are unfavorable to grass.moss image by Amjad Shihab from Fotolia.comMoss tends to grow in lawns when the conditions are unfavorable to grass. It doesn't kill grass; rather, it takes hold in areas where grass has died out. Moss is classified as one...

How to Seed a Fall Lawn in Arizona

Fall may usher in the death of warm season grass in Arizona, but it also is the beginning of the growing season for cool weather grass. Homeowners need not fret about grass turning brown, because cool season grass can give them the green expanse they desire through the winter months. Decide what typ

Fun Facts About Calla Lilies

A tall, regal plant that can grow up to 3 feet in height, calla lilies look like modern art with a central bract that curves in a single fluid shape. The modified leaf surrounds a fleshy, yellow spike of tiny flowers.

Advantages of the Composting Process

Increase your soil's fertility with a compost pile.terre image by Claudio Calcagno from Fotolia.comComposting is a good idea if you like gardening. Get rid of organic household waste, such as fruit peels, egg shells, vegetable scraps and grass clippings. Place the matter in a certain spot...

Fall Gardening - Do's & Don'ts

We've been trained to believe that certain gardening chores must happen in the fall, or face the risk of an unproductive garden next in the following year. Indeed, some tasks are better taken on in the fall, but contrary to common belief, others can be put off or left out altogether.

Picking the Best Swing Set for Kids

Some of the fondest memories that children have involve outdoor activities like playing with neighborhood friends on a backyard swing set. Parents remember what it was like to slide and swing until dinner time, and want their children to experience the same outdoor fun. An afterthought for children

How to Skirt a Deck

The addition of skirting to a deck gives a completed look to the area. A deck adds outdoor living space to a home. While decks are enjoyable, if left open, the space underneath the deck may become home to small animals including raccoons, rats or stray cats. Enclosing, or skirting, the area resolves

What Do You Backfill Fence Posts With?

After fence holes are dug and you're ready to set the post, you need to choose the best way to set and hold the post in place. There are three ways to set a post.

About St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is one of the most commonly used grasses for lawns across the southern United States. The grass grows naturally near both salt and freshwater, and can be found all over the world. Preferring warm temperatures and moderate moisture, the grass thrives in coastal areas, providing ho

How to Form a Compost

A compost pile is an excellent way to recycle while simultaneously creating fertilizer for your lawn and garden. Composting is a technique that accelerates the natural decay process and converts organic waste material into compost. Depending on how a compost pile is maintained, these organic wastes

How to Clean an Outdoor Swing Set

Outdoor swing sets over time can become dirty from natural sources. The backyard set does make a wonderful bird perch. Outdoor structures that are cleaned periodically also can deter insects such as paper and Southern mud dauber wasps from making nests in them during the summer months. The cleaning

Why Are Flowers Important to Us?

Flowers are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether in their natural state right from the garden or processed into another form, flowers come in many types and have various uses. Many people share a similar appreciation for the beauty of flowers, but the less obvious benefits of flowers may not