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How to Clean Nylon Microfiber

Nylon microfiber is used to make cleaning cloths, jackets, shirts, baby blankets and much more. The soft feel and light weight of this material makes it ideal for many clothing items and for safely polishing delicate surfaces such as chrome. Microfiber's absorbency makes it ideal for many cleaning

How to Clean a Shower Pan Liner

Shower pan liners are used in stand-up shower units that do not include a bathtub element. The liners need to be cleaned weekly just like any other shower or bathtub surface to keep the shower area free of residue and bacteria. Avoid the harsh shower cleaning products that have several harmful chemi

How to Get Homemade Playdough Out of Carpet

Homemade play dough, a pliable, clay-like substance, lets your kids create almost any object or creature they can imagine. Kids aren't always careful when they play with this colorful toy and inevitably, play dough gets stuck in the carpet. Your first reaction is to clean the play dough with hot wat

How to Attach a String to a Plumb Bob

Plumb bobs help you ensure a vertical edge, such as a door jamb, is straight. Plumb bobs are pointed weights that hang off a cord or string, allowing you to compare how straight the surface is by measuring various points between the string and surface. The vials on a level can eventually get out of

How to Make Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood floors can offer a classy, antique, or warm feeling to any given room. According to the National Hardwood Floor Association, a national study was conducted among real estate agents, and 90 percent of agents agreed that homes with hardwood flooring sold a lot quicker than homes without hardw

How to Get Rid of Mold on Paint

Painted surfaces support mold growth. The combination of cool surfaces and excessive humidity causes a high near-surface relative humidity and condensation. The condensation on your painted walls or window frames provides the environment that mold and fungus spores need to grow. To get rid of mold o

How to Bleach a Stain

You can clean many stains on fabric with regular laundry detergent and water. But if the stain is blood or red wine, you need to do more to get rid of the stain. Bleaches are often used to whiten clothes. Chlorine bleach gets rid of stains on white clothes, but there are also colorfast bleaches that

How to Wipe a Recycle Bin

Recycling bins hold newspapers, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastics until trash pick-up day. Though you carefully rinse the containers, water and residue drips from the cans and bottles, leaving messy puddles, sticky spots and stains. You need to wipe these messes as soon as they happen help to

How to Keep Glass Windows Clean

Glass windows can be challenging for homeowners to keep clean. In fact, window cleaning might be one of the household chores that you dread the most. One possible reason for this is because sometimes, glass windows can be neglected for weeks or even months. Then, when you finally do get around to cl

Homemade Cleaner for an LCD Screen

Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are used on a variety of electronics, such as digital cameras, computers, calculators and televisions. Fingerprints and dust are noticeable on these flat-panel display screens, so they must be cleaned frequently. Cleaning LCD screens properly is important to pres

How to Remove Greasy Mayonnaise Stains From Clothing

If you spill mayonnaise on your clothing, you will need to treat the stain to prevent it from becoming permanent. Mayonnaise, a grease stain, will discolor your clothes if you do not treat it immediately. You can remove the stain from your clothing with common household items instead of purchasing e

How to Get the Smell Out of Your Deep Freezer

Deep freezers are a useful addition to any kitchen, allowing your family to save money by buying meats and vegetables in bulk. The airtight environment of a deep freezer can make for some very unpleasant odors if food isn't stored properly or the electricity is out for some time. Tossing old food an

How to Remove Ink From Paper Using Acetone

You may think that ink marks on paper are impossible to remove. Whether you've accidentally run a pen against your wallpaper or if there's an ink mark on a favorite coffee table book, acetone can be the wonder ink remover in combination with another common household item: bleach. The two ingredients

How to Mix Vinegar & Water for Cleaning

Save money on cleaning solutions and make your own for pennies on the dollar. Allow the white distilled vinegar you have sitting in your cupboard to do double duty as a cleaning agent. This low cost alternative to name brand cleaning products yields both a practical and affordable solution for clean

How to Get Crayon Stains Out of Clothes

For those with small children at home, a crayon stain may not be unexpected. With kids and their "art," it's hard to discourage the mess without dampening the creativity. So therein lies the dilemma. Fortunately for you, there's no need to quash your future Picasso's dream. Crayon stains can be easi

Are Scentsy Products Safe?

Scentsy products consist of wickless and scented candles in unique holders. The company was created in 2003 and is the brainchild of sisters-in-law Colette Gunnell and Kara Egan of Utah, who were interested in safer and healthier versions of the traditional wick-type candle. The company was purchas

How to Fix Badly Heaved Garage Floors

Heaving of concrete floors occurs when the floor develops cracks that begin to split the floor. Ground settling and temperature changes are just some of the factors that can cause concrete floors to develop cracks. Once your concrete floor heaves, you should repair it as quickly as possible because

How to Iron Rayon Acetate Fabric

Rayon acetate is a blend of man-made material (acetate) and natural fiber (rayon). The blending of these materials creates a fabric that is delicate and yet stronger than acetate alone. You can iron rayon acetate, but you must take precautions you would not need to take with fabrics such as cotton.