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Make Soap At Home - The Soap Making Movement

Soap making is blowing up and becoming more and more mainstream. Everyone wants to learn how to make soap at home. Soon Dove and Caress will be out of business...

Why Hobbies Are Essential To Life

When you pick an activity or a craft, do not think of anything or anyone else. Keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself. So choose hobbies that can truly help get you more energized.

How to Sew Elastics the Right Way

Do you ever wonder why the elastic that was used in your last project does not seem to work with the present sewing project? Why is the elastic in your cotton pajamas causing problems while the same elastic in your swim wear is working excellently? In fact, the type of elastics and the fabrics with

Jewelry Making - What is Annealing?

Annealing is an important part of the jewelry making process, and is basically where metal is heated to make it soft so that it can be manipulated and worked with. You'll require some special jewelry making tools to manage the process, and in this article we run through just what is involved.

How To Make A Simple Chocolate Candy Bouquet

A child's birthday party can sometimes be difficult to organize. Due to the age barrier, parents often cannot meet the expectations of their children. It is not just about the delicious food or fancy decorations for their party, it also about having something that they like most that is chocola

Ways to Display Disney Pins

If there's one thing that Disney pin collectors love more than adding a new pin to their collections, it's showing off that pin. Nothing can match the thrill they feel as they carry their new find home.Now they only question they're left with is deciding how they will display that pin

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

The tradition of using a skirt under Christmas trees has reduced down to purposes that are more decorative, rather than for their utility. In earlier times, before the invention of electric decorative lights, candles were used to adorn the trees. The circular skirts were kept under the trees to prev

The American Platinum Eagle Coins

The United States government first issued the American Platinum Eagle Coins in 1997, which was more than a decade after initial production of the Gold and Silver American Eagles. These unique coins quickly became the number one platinum bullion coin in the world and the designs featured are entirely

Setting Up an Efficient Sewing Area

Are you just learning how to sew? Are you accumulating a pile of sewing-related supplies that you aren't sure how to store? Would you like some useful tips on how to organize all of those items in a really practical way? I'm here to help!

For New Beaders

Inteweave Press offers a book for the new beader in Getting Started Stringing by Jean Campbell.

Making Your Own Lip Balm Labels

There are so many different ways to create the perfect lip balm label. Learn how to create a custom label from your home computer.

Introduction and Materials

I have seen all kinds of beaded lariat designs, but I wanted to create a different look. I started by playing around with fiber, and eventually added a little silver metal to the mix.

5 Radio Controlled Toys - What Makes Them So Popular?

Radio controlled or remote controlled (RC) devices can be hobby grade or toy grade. Toy grade RC devices are usually available at retail toy stores and may be purchased by people for their children to play with. These are mostly toys produced in bulk quantities and comprise of non- serviceable parts

Why Care if There is Water in Your Compressed Air?

The process of compressing air generates free water, and increases air borne water vapour. If you are not sure about why this occurs, take a look at the article on this site entitled "Why does water run out my compressed air line?".

Frida Kahlo

Glass Christmas Ornaments -- Hispanic Glass Christmas Ornaments from CasaQ

Knitting A Stylish Cardigan or Shrug

Shrugs are quite a popular fashion accessory in the spring and summer months, and finding colorful delicate shrug knitting patterns is a fairly easy task. The bright colors of spring and summer make for such a delightful variety of choices. Knitters should note that lighter yarn should be used for a

Trick or Treat Tree

Lenox Collection Halloween collectibles include a terrific trick or treat tree, pumpkins and more.

Backyard Bird Feeding - Lets Get Started

Enjoy many hours of entertainment by providing both food and shelter to the many birds in your backyard. Just a few basics will have you enjoying the antics and company of many species of these wild birds at your backyard feeder.