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How to Use Aniline Dye on Bare Maple

Aniline dyes are sold as powdered dyes that dissolve into water immediately before use. The liquid form of the dye soaks deep into the wood fibers, enabling the dye to resist fading more than topical wood stains. Aniline dyes work well with maple wood to enhance the natural color of the wood while a

How to Calculate BTUH by U Value

BTUH, or British Thermal Units per Hour, is a measure of how much heat energy passes through a material. A U value is the property of a material that denotes how easily heat passes through it. The lower the U value, the less energy can pass through it - i.e. the more resistive it is. The U value is

What Burns Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels form over millions of years through the decay of organic plant and animal matter and pressure from the gradual formation of rock over the decomposing material. Fossil fuels come in many forms, including coal, oil and natural gas. Although many governments, scientists and environmental g

How to Create Miniature Villages

Making a miniature village is a creative project for kids and adults alike. Using a few simple materials found around the house, you can make the village as detailed as you would like and even include a miniature train set running through it. Create a standard village or create one that has a theme,

What Is a Symbiote?

A symbiote is an organism that relies on another organism for benefits and/or survival. This partnership is usually a close ecological relationship, with one or both organisms providing food, protection or transportation. There are several types of symbiotic relationships.

How Does Reproductive Cloning Work?

What is Reproductive Cloning?Reproductive cloning is a process by which a genetically identical copy of a living organism can be created by sexual reproduction. As sexual reproduction is the preferred method by most multicellular organisms, this creates the possibility for complex...

My Papaya Tree Is Dying

Papaya trees are well-known for their tropical fruit and distinctive shape. If you are growing a papaya tree but notice signs of stress (leaves falling off, failure to flower and so on), it can be disheartening. However, there are things you can do to bring your papaya tree back from the brink to pe

How to Calculate the Speed of an Elevator

Elevators don't travel at the same rate during their trips because they have to accelerate to full speed initially then decelerate at the end. You can estimate the average velocity, however, if you know how far the elevator has to travel and how long it takes to traverse that distance. Typically, yo

How to Choose a Benchtop Buffer

Buffers have myriad uses in both commercial and hobby applications. From a dentist or a jeweler using tiny buffers to polish the appeal of his products to custom engine refinishers using massive machines for the same purpose, everyone thinking of investing in a new tool should weigh a number of cons

Wood Swings Projects

Most people have memories of using backyard swings when growing up. They were sources of enjoyment whether they were tires tied to a tree or fully-realized aluminum playsets. Other people keep long swings on their porches for evening reading or as a comfortable outdoor space to visit with...

Installation of Terra Cotta Roof Tiles

Terra cotta roof tiles are made of baked clay and have an orange-tan natural color. Manufacturers also create ceramic tiles with added colored enamel, baked in the oven at extremely high temperatures. The color melds to the clay and will not peel or face. Terra cotta tiles have been used for many ce

Homemade Wood Signs

Homemade wood signs can lend a warm, inviting and comforting charm to a room in your house or a place of business. Perhaps it's the simplicity. Making your own isn't difficult. Homemade wood signs are fun to create and are given as gifts or even sold at craft fairs and flea markets. Regardless of yo

How to Convert JSP to Java

Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology that allows programmers to create dynamic websites that run Java programs on Java servers. While other programming languages facilitate user interaction through the user’s Web browser, JSP files compile to the Java programming language and then run on th

How to Make a Blowgun Out of Wood

This article will teach you how to make a modern blowgun out of a straight stick, as well as darts. This form of blowgun is most commonly used in the United States and Europe.

What Kind of Figure Is a Trapezoid Pyramid?

A trapezoidal pyramid is a three-dimensional shape with five sides, five corners and eight edges. From the perimeter of the shape's trapezoid base, four triangular sides angle upward and inward to converge in a peak above the base.

Wooden Shoe Crafts

In the Netherlands, traditional wooden shoes known as klompen remain a common footwear choice in farms and villages., the Netherland's official website, states that Holland manufactures 3 million pairs of wooden shoes each year. Since the climate in the Netherlands tends to be cold and o

How to Make a Toilet Chair

When you’re roughing-it in the great outdoors, certain comforts of home, such as a toilet might be appreciated by some people more than others. The elderly, disabled or very young camping-enthusiast may require the support that a commode-like seat offers. For obvious reasons, to make a simple

How to Evaluate Silver Plates

In countries such as the United States and Great Britain, an item has to contain at least 925 parts silver per thousand to be sold as silver. This is known as .925 fineness. While you might come across dinner plates made out of solid silver, much more common are silver trays that have a plate-like a

How to Get Food From a Prickly Pear Cactus

One of the most incredible things about the world of plants is that so many of them are edible. Knowing which plants can be eaten--not to mention which parts, and how to prepare them--can be critical information for someone in a survival situation, someone looking to impress friends and strangers, o