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Milestones Your Preemie Must Meet Before Being Discharged From the NICU

Waiting to be told when my baby was ready to come home made a month seem like an eternity. Each week she would pass a milestone and then there would be others that she just had not met yet. Not all of them were black and white and we were on the fringe of some but after 29 days we were ready to come

The Language Of Tears

Although it may take a few weeks to get to know your baby's cues, if you keep your baby close to you and do some baby watching, you will be amazed at how even very young babies can give clear signals that they want to interact or that they would prefer to be given a break from play and you will

Benefits of Using a Baby Pacifier With Pacifier Clips

Parents often worry about whether their babies should use pacifiers or not. Pacifiers can provide many benefits for infants, including calming a cranky baby and reducing the risk of SIDS. Attaching a pacifier clip to the pacifier can help, as well.

Newborn Baby Sleeping Tips

Newborns sleep 16 hours a image by from Fotolia.comNew parents often have many questions and concerns about caring for a newborn. Because newborns spend most of their time sleeping, it's important to know how to keep your baby safe and comfortable while sleeping. Be...

Keeping Your Children Physically Fit

Just as it is important to keep yourself in good physical condition, it is important to start your children from a very young age to stay active and in good physical condition. Most young children are very active from the start in their everyday play and activities.

Organic Crib Mattresses or Foam Crib Mattresses - Which Is Best for Your Infant?

Which mattress is the best one for your infant, an organic crib mattress or a foam crib mattress? Picking a crib mattress can be an overwhelming task. There are so many options to choose from, but it all comes down to making an informed decision between two basic kinds of crib mattresses, organic or

Breastfeeding While Pregnant And Tandem Nursing

If you are breastfeeding and you become pregnant again, you can usually continue to nurse. Many women breastfeed throughout a low risk pregnancy and some women nurse their older child along with their newborn, this is called tandem nursing.

4 Bad Reasons for Refusing Visitation with a Parent

Visitation is often a source of conflict between coparents. There are times when it's legitimate to refuse visitation. However, parents must be careful not to refuse visitation for insignificant or trivial reasons.

What Do You Say to Hard Headed Teenagers?

Raising a teenager would seem to be easier than tending to the needs of a mewling infant; however, this isn’t always the case. Yes, a teen can feed himself and he doesn’t require pesky diaper changes, but he can also argue. If you have a hard-headed teen, you may feel that every interact

How Much Milk Should a 4 Month Old Baby Drink?

Four-month-olds generally drink 24 to 35 ounces daily.hunger image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comTime FeedingWomen who nurse often measure a feeding using minutes.mother and baby image by goce risteski from Fotolia.comA 4-month-old cannot drink milk, other than breast milk....

Children and Sleep: Is Your Child Getting Enough Shut-Eye?

For many active school-aged children, sleep can be as hard to come by as it is for busy adults. After-school activities, homework, and playtime with family and friends can all lead to a packed schedule. Add to that the lure of electronics such as TV, computers and videogames, and you have the making

Three Common Mistakes in Trying to Get Teens to Do Homework

Getting your teens to do their homework may be an exasperating job, but you will be pleased you took the time to do it. The problem is many parents go about it the wrong way and wind up creating resentment, fear, and hating school. Making a few simple changes in how you go about encouraging your tee

How to Control the Anger Between You and Your Teen

Does your teenager often lose his temper, argue with adults, refuse to comply with rules and requests, deliberately annoy people, blame others for his mistakes and misbehavior?Is your teen often touchy and easily annoyed by others, angry and resentful, spiteful and vindictive? It's time for you

How to Make a Headboard for a Teenage Girl's Room

Fashion a headboard for your teenage daughter's room using sentimental favorites she can treasure for a lifetime. Unless you are adept at small construction projects, enlist the aide of a friend who is comfortable with power tools for this project. Invite your daughter to join you in the process of

Protecting Toddlers From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the major carriers of harmful and easily transmittable diseases such as dengue and malaria. Since the symptoms of these harmful diseases are generic in nature, it is not always easy to detect these diseases at an early stage. This can lead to further problems and serious reperc

How to Teach Kids About Syllables

Unlike talking, learning to read is not a natural instinct in kids. They must be taught how to do it through a systematic approach. Teaching children about syllables is one important step in the process. Understanding the phonics of each syllable helps kids read full multi-syllable words, which can

Bumbleride Indie Single Baby Stroller - For Baby, But Mom Likes it Too

The stylish looks of the Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller are awesome and your acquaintances or neighbors will surely compliment it with the great looking design and cool inflatable wheels! This baby stroller is available in several great colors for your preferences. Mom and Dad will enjoy some comfor