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The Pros and Cons of Shopping for Shoes Online

While shopping online for shoes has become more popular than ever, many people are still concerned about buying shoes without trying them on. This article addresses the pros and cons of shopping for shoes online vs. shopping for shoes the old-fashioned way.

What Is Hot For Hair Color?

Good girl gone bad blonde, suggestive caramel, and provoking coppers, yes we love getting our color done it makes use feel sexy, renewed and able to take on the world! However are you doing your color justice, or just having it for the sake of having it? Make an impact!

Ban the Brush: Use a Comb That Won't Break Hair

We've all heard the recommendation: "If you want healthy growing hair, be sure to brush 100 strokes a day." But quite the opposite is true; the less your brush your hair, the better - especially if your hair is already damaged from chemicals or the environment. Your best bet is to tra

How to Get Hair Made Into a Wig

Early wigs were made with goatskin that functioned as a surrogate scalp for poking hair through with an embroidery needle. Today we use other materials but still use the tried-and-true method of tying hair into knots, or ventilating--a technique invented during time of Louis XVI in France. Making

How to Make Your Own Wooden Plug Earrings

If you've got a couple of wooden plugs and a glue gun, you can make cute wooden plug earrings at home. You don't need any special crafting skills and it takes only a few minutes. Best of all, your cute wooden plug earrings are completely safe for your ears. They are inexpensive to make so you can cr

Panama Hat

The Panama hat is traditionally made using the Toquilla straw plant.

How do I Differentiate a Fake Watch?

A watch is more than a simple device for keeping up with the current time, for many people. A watch represents an investment and a statement for which some individuals are willing to putout thousands of dollars. Counterfeit or replica watches are widely found and are sometimes sold as the genuine ar

How to Do Your Makeup Perfectly

Have you ever wondered how to get a perfect look with makeup? Maybe knowing the following tricks will really help you doing a professional face makeup in the future. Believe it or not, just have a loo

How to Dress Western

Although the days of life in the unconquered West are over, the passion for Western clothing remains. Whether you're creating a new look for attendance at a line-dancing class or you're simply curious to try a new style, mixing classic pieces with inspired accessories can ensure you stand out for al

How to Protect Your Work Boots

Work boots are expensive, and people generally spend a lot of time wearing them. They take a lot of abuse from heavy use. Exposure to bad weather is also hard on work boots. Unprotected boots end up falling apart faster than waterproofed boots, so you will probably want to protect them with a good w

How to Identify Authentic Louis Vuitton Merchandise

Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton handbag or other merchandise is possible by dedicating time to observing your purse or handbag thoroughly before making a purchase. Identifying and authenticating a Louis Vuitton handbag is not challenging if you know the exact pattern and colors to look for, as well as

What Is a Star Sapphire?

Star sapphires are gemstones with a distinctive star-like figure in the center of the stone. Most star sapphires are blue in color, getting their color from titanium or iron from the corundum mineral from which they are created. Other star sapphire colors include pink, pale blue, yellow and green. T

How to Color Hair for Hair Thickness

There are several styling techniques that can improve the appearance of thinning hair, including layered haircuts, volumizing shampoos, conditioners and styling products, and curling or perming hair to create a thicker look. Another alternative is to color hair in such a way as to make hair look thi

Grow Longer Eyelashes, Naturally!

It would be amazing if you were born again and had the chance to grow longer eyelashes. Unfortunately, unless you have a time machine, that's simply not possible. Longer eyelashes are particularly appealing for the romantic types.

Alternatives to Engagement Rings

Your engagement is anything but ordinary. Instead of proposing with a traditional diamond ring, propose with unique engagement jewelry to show your fiancé that she is truly special. The possibilities are endless if you are looking for alternatives to the traditional engagement ring. Ideas inclu

How to Keep a Sugar Scrub From Separating

If your skin is dry and in need of exfoliation, treat it to an indulgent sugar scrub. Making your own sugar scrub will save you money and ensure that the skin treatment contains no harmful ingredients. To create the scrub, simply combine coarse sugar with an oil of your choice, such as jojoba. Custo