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Why I Smoke Vapor Cigarettes

In this article, the author provides a few reasons why he made the change from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

How To Quit Smoking - With A Pinch of Humour

Would you like to have some cancer today? (then you'd better learn how to quit smoking) Well the obvious answer would be a big 'No'. Then let me ask you something else. Would you like ...

Utah Drunk Driving Law

Here are highlights from Utah law on driving under the influence (UT Code 41-6a-502-505).

De Addiction center in Hyderabad

De-addiction Center in Hyderabad is providing special medical doctors to preventing uncontrollable habits of using substances. So, such uncontrollable habits are alcohol addictions, drug addictions an

Quit Smoking-And Get On The Right Side Of The Road

A recollection of how it felt when I found myself on the wrong side of the road and how I thought that must be how a smoker feels: He is scared to death on one hand, but not able to find the right exi

Holistic Drug Rehab - Programs That Treat the Whole Person

Eastern philosophy is a large part of our culture and Oprah often invites guests to the show that approach mental and physical health using alternative forms of healing. Holistic drug rehab includes utilizing a treatment plan which will help to heal the body, mind and spirit of the addict. This does

Pathways of Shelby NC

Mental health and substance abuse services offered by Pathways of Shelby NC

Quit Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms

You know you need to stop smoking but fear the withdrawal symptoms. Those are largely exaggerated and almost all good programs include steps to eliminate or minimize withdrawals. There are many techniques out there, find the one that works for you and stop smoking today.

Prescription Drug Abuse Deaths

Prescription Drug Abuse deaths far out number the deaths caused by street or illegal drugs. The movies would have us all believe that cocaine is the drug most used and the cause of the major number of fatalities.

Electronic Cigarettes: For Healthy Smoking Habit

We well know that smoking is injurious to health but still many of us have developed it as a bad habit. Everybody takes it for granted. Nobody tries to understand what harm these traditional tobacco ...


Definition of the drug slang term 'Bonita' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms.