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Affordable Bridal Dresses

Weddings are an important occasion for every couple. From the reception to the church preparations, every detail is taken into consideration. But the one thing that is top most on every to-be-brides mind is her wedding gown. You will always find the bride going that extra mile to ensure she looks pe

Exotic Wedding Concepts

All types of wedding are similar in concept but the way one delivers it makes it different. Right, isn't it? An example would be a particular house. All houses are the same, what makes your different is the kind of atmosphere you have set on it. Same way when we talk about weddings. Therefore,

Wedding Ideas for Spring

Infuse spring-inspired details into your image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comSpring, a season emblematic of new growth and new life, is a favorite wedding season. Many brides plan their weddings around the season's meaning or around its color palette of greens that range...

Monthly Wedding Gift Ideas

During the months leading up to the wedding and at the wedding itself, couples receive a plethora of gifts. Stand out from the crowd by ordering a present that keeps on giving: a monthly wedding gift. All you have to do is get them something they would love but might never purchase themselves.

Wedding Centerpieces Under Glass

Are you looking for a way to create centerpieces which are distinctive and elegant? Consider framing your flowers by putting them behind glass. A clear glass terrarium, footed urn, or hurricane might be just the thing to transform your wedding flowers into truly spectacular centerpieces.

Caribbean Theme Parties

Plan an exotic Caribbean theme party, complete with island-inspired food, drinks, decorations and entertainment. Select a specific theme for the party, such as a classic tropical Caribbean evening, held poolside with music and food, or an exciting "Pirates of the Caribbean" adventure party

How To Save A Marriage

Strive to live everyday to the fullest with your spouse. It is the duty of the breadwinner to earn money to support his family, so they should be creative in thinking of possible sidelines to stretch their income. Be brave to face reality, to face the unknown. Look for resources which can help you.

How to Decorate a Wedding Outside

Planning an outdoor wedding can save you money and headaches. Setting your wedding against a backdrop of lush trees or rolling hills can cut down on your decorating costs. Since you're likely booking your outdoor site months in advance, it may not look the same on your wedding day as it does when yo

Health Insurance In A Florida Divorce

When you are separating from your spouse, there are many financial issues that need to be considered. One of the most important for many people is the issue of health insurance.

How to Decorate Square Columns for a Wedding

Decorating a square column instead of a circular one is not as difficult as it might sound. Unlike a circular column, the square gives you a flat surface to work with and decorate. This makes it easier to put up decorations that face a specific direction, which is useful in instances like a wedding

Should I Book a Professional Wedding Photographer for My Big Day?

Planning the perfect wedding is certainly an expensive venture and you may be wondering about the possibility of DIY photography. Though it will enable you to decrease the budget a bit, amateur wedding photography will deprive you of the chance to capture your special day in the best possible way.

How to Create Your Own Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

The rehearsal dinner kicks off the wedding celebration, allowing the bride and groom to spend time with their family, bridal party members and often out-of-town guests on the night before the wedding. Like weddings, rehearsal dinners range in formality from a plated dinner at an upscale restaurant t

How to Swag Tulle & Lights on a Wall

Tulle and strings of small lights add a romantic atmosphere to almost any setting. Tulle is an inexpensive lacy fabric that is easy to work with. Both tulle and lights are available in many different colors. Drape the lightweight tulle throughout the room or on posts outside as decorations for your

The Different Bridesmaids Gift Choices For Modern Bridesmaids

It has been a tradition to give gifts to bridesmaids as a sign of thanks and appreciation in their participation to make the event successful. Bridesmaids' role and responsibilities are never easy, in fact they are as busy as the bride helping to prepare the all the details to make the wedding

Picking Songs to Be Performed At Your Wedding

Having music during your wedding ceremony can bring life and meaning to the proceedings. Everyone has favorite songs that mean something to them, and having those songs performed by someone during the ceremony gives everyone ...