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Deciding to Divorce - How to Know When Your Marriage Is Over

When to end a bad relationship is a question most of us have faced at one time or another. Ending a romantic relationship is especially a long-term one is never easy. There are ways to prepare for making the decision, taking steps once a decision is made, and finally being at peace with it.

A Case Summary of Relationship Advice

Relationship in Marriage counseling, Relationship in Family counseling, Life Coach counseling and Inner Relationship issues counseling: fear of failure

Witnessing the Royal Wedding Online

Since everyone is extremely busy in compiling information about the royal wedding this year. Some people are also curious to know what Prince Harry is going to do on that particular day. Is he going t

Counseling the Mars of Marriage

Marriage is not a bond between two persons but between two families and two cultures. When two completely different persons of different mentality and from different backgrounds start living together, it's inevitable to have clashes, strifes and discords. Some are able to cope up with the twist

What Is The Hague Abduction Convention?

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an international treaty signed by more than eighty countries. It provides that a child who is taken to or retained in a fo

Top Ten Ways to Relieve Divorce-Stress

As any divorced dude will tell you there are very few life experiences that can beat a divorce in producing pull-your-hair-out-by-the-roots stress.So what do we do to relieve that stress a bit? The follow list is not comprehensive by any means but should help get us thinking about stress reduction.

Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce

Divorces are time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and often unnecessarily expensive. However, the following tips may help the amount of time you need to spend on your matter, which, in turn, may cut down on your costs when working with your divorce lawyer...

Did Your Chinese Love Grow Up Without Love?

Love comes in many forms and can be expressed in many, different ways. Saying that one form of expression is better than another can be very difficult and it is also often prone to personal ...

Conflict Resolution: How Parents Can Teach Their Children

Conflicts happen every day between different people and teaching your child how to resolve conflicts is an essential part of their emotional intellect. The role of every parent is like a guide who teaches the ...

Hire Best Divorce Lawyer New York in Case of Trouble

Like any other great city, New York also has its part of legal practices with some very superior knowledgeable lawyers. Most families in such foremost cities have working parents with hectic and frenzied schedules. Married ...

Emotional Affair Definition

You could well argue that any and all affairs are emotional, but the actual definition of an emotional infidelity, put bluntly, is an affair without sex. Now this may be confusing to some who imagine ...