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The New Fun Way To Make Beats on Your Computer

Making your own beats right from your computer is nothing new. But it has become amazingly fun nowadays with beat making software. However, if you are not sure which software to use, I bet you'll end up pulling out your hair like I did as there are plenty of them online. Don't get frustrat

Young Steelpan Ambassador

Jamani as a young steelpan soloist has adapted the use of the instrument to perform songs that people in his age group would recognise. He started recording his first album at 12 years old and complea

Trumpets of the 1920s

In the 1920s, the trumpet was primarily used in jazz, the new emerging music. The 1920s saw the spread of jazz out of the southern city of New Orleans, where it originated in the early 1900s, and into major metropolitan areas such as Chicago and New York. In the 1920s bands, the trumpet became a fro

How To Read Musical Notation – FAQ's and Introduction

Want to learn how to read musical notation, but you are having a hard time? In this article we will talk about a little introduction about musical notation and we will also try to answer some of the f

Epiphone Sale Price - Buy An Electric Guitar But Are You Paying Too Much?

You want to buy an Epiphone electric guitar? But hang on. It's one thing to chose the model that suits you and your style of guitar playing best but it's also important to get it at the cheapest sale price, in stock and preferably with free shipping. But where do you find the best Epiphone

Wie Dj Berlin Kann Spa Zu Ihrer Partei Hinzuzufgen?

Ein Host sollten versuchen, einen DJ Berlin mieten, Wer ist in der Lage, Gäste zu unterhalten. Eine gute professionelle Discjockey halten die Gäste tanzen. Er sollte selbstbewusst genug, um direkt mit den Gästen und hören auf ihre Musik verlangt.

March 18 in Music History

Births, deaths, events, charts, recordings, concerts, and more on March 18 in oldies rock and roll music history. From your Expert at

How to Play a Hohner C Harmonica

Hohner has been making harmonicas since Matthias Hohner founded the company in 1857. Hohner makes a wide variety of harmonicas, but one of the most popular models, and one of the easiest for a beginner to pick up, is the key of C diatonic harmonica. The C harmonica comes in many different price rang

World' s Largest Bachelorette Party

This year was the second year for this event at Las Vegas Tao and they have promised that next year will be bigger and even better.

Guitar For Kids -- The Am Chord

Let's talk a bit about the Am chord. This is a "minor" chord, not a "major" chord. How do I know it's a minor chord?I know because of the little "m" after the "A". That little "m" stands for --- wait for it -- minor!

How to Get a Soft Cymbal Sound

Despite their simple appearance, cymbals are one of the most versatile instruments in the percussion family. Cymbals range from the classic hi-hat to the mellow ride and all sizes in between. Novice drummers often assume that cymbals should be played as loudly and often as possible, but experience