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Current Conflicts: International Security Assistance Force

Authorized by the UN Security Council in December 2001, the International Security Assistance Force was charged with providing security in Kabul and allowing the establishment of the Afghan Transitional Administration. In recent years, ISAF has expanded its reach beyond Kabul and has been involved i

The Best Ways to Paint French Doors

Painting French doors presents its own challenges. French doors can be heavy, and many are designed with dozens of small glass panes. But with the right brush, and a bit of patience, you can enhance the look of your home with a beautiful set of doors.

Wars of the Roses: Second Battle of St. Albans

The Second Battle of St. Albans was fought February 17, 1461, during the Wars of the Roses. Moving south, Lancastrian forces led by Queen Margaret encountered the the Earl of Warwick near St. Albans. Conducing a wide flanking movement, they routed him in the Second Battle of St. Albans and continued

How to Paint an Abstract on Canvas

Painting an abstract on canvas is an activity limited only by the artist's imagination and the size of the canvas. The abstract artist does not paint what he sees, but how he ''perceives'' reality to be. An abstract painting can include lines, curves or both. It can employ colors that blend, twist a

Arrogance Personified: Major General John Pope

Major General John Pope was a Union commander during the Civil War. A West Point graduate, John Pope saw action during the Mexican-American War and later had success in the West during the opening months of the Civil War. Brought east, John Pope was badly defeated at the Second Battle of Manassas in

Tank as a Weapon of Assault

The tank is weapon that saw first light of the day during world war I and subsequently developed as a formidable weapon of assault

Government Grants for Music

Federal music grants are available to preserve cultural notes 2 image by PhotoDaniels from Fotolia.comMusic is an important segment of art and arts education in the United States. The federal government in 2010 offers several types of grants in the music and music...

How to Compare Greek & Roman Art

It is often difficult to differentiate Ancient Greek and Roman art. This is mostly due to the fact that the Romans highly revered Greek art, and frequently imitated it. However, there are some distinguishing characteristics between the two styles.


Altars were used in ancient religious sacrifices.

Leading the Trans-Mississippi: General Edmund Kirby Smith

General Edmund Kirby Smith was a Confederate commander during the American Civil War. A West Point graduate and Mexican-American War veteran, Edmund Kirby Smith was wounded at First Bull Run and later took part in the invasion of Kentucky. For the final three years of the Civil War, Edmund Kirby Smi

All About John Dickinson

Learn about John Dickinson, American colonial politician and leader during the time leading up to the American Revolution.

Leopard #1

A collection of stencils of Southern African rock art animals.

Velletri Pallas

Velletri Pallas or Helmeted Athena at the Louvre.