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California State Law on Release to Vote

California law regulates when employees may be given time off to vote. California law also includes provisions on employee notices and employer requirements imposed on employees.

Free Criminal Background Checks - How to Lookup People's Records Easily

Before hiring employees, it is always recommended to conduct a background check on them to ensure that the people working for you are not going to cause any trouble. This is standard procedure but many employers skip it because of the costs it entails. If you are someone who does not want to pay for

What To Do Immediately Following Arrest

The time frame immediately following an arrest, then release is stressful and confusing. A criminal defense attorney is your best resource to guide you through the process. Here are six guidelines to follow.

Have You Been Arrested for Assault?

What used to be considered a minor altercation between two people is now considered a criminal offense. These days you could face imprisonment and a criminal record if you are arrested for assault.

How Bail Is Set in North Carolina

Upon arrest bail will be set by a magistrate or judge in most cases. Bond and bail guidelines are governed by Article 26 of Chapter 15A of the North Carolina General Statutes, and by local rules as established by the Chief Resident Superior Court Judge and Chief District Court Judge of each judicial

Certain Limits That Come After Arrest History

After someone has served time in an institution, the truth is that there are a number of different limitation that follow a person after they are released. There are many things in life that people ...

What to Expect When Being Served a Restraining Order

When a restraining order is served against you, it's usually an upsetting and shocking event. Many people don't know what will happen during the order being served, never mind how to go about effectively fighting a restraining order. This article is meant to explain some of those things, a

Classification & Types of Homicides

Homicide, the act of taking the life of another human being, is a broad label covering a number of classifications and types, and is not necessarily synonymous with murder. There are six common classifications of homicide, as determined by the legal system, in order to account for differences in int

The Legal Right to Release Salary Information

Employers are limited to information they can release about employees to third parties under state and federal laws. The information is primarily limited to job description, salary and employment dates. Release of additional information requires the employee's written authorization.

Do Professional Investigations Taking Help of Privatdetektiv

While we hear the term €Private Detective€, our mind starts imagine about frictional detectives. The main duty of detectives is to gather all the hidden information and proof of the suspects. Privatdetektiv conducts interviews, taking ...

Only some states have a difference between dwi and dui

Would you like to learn more about the difference between dwi and dui? If this is the case, we should start by saying that there isn't a big difference when it comes to dwi vs dui. The main d

Is DUI a Felony?

Sometimes people ask "is DUI a felony?"This article seeks to answer that question.A DUI is a felony when one of two situations occur.First, a DUI can be charged as a felony if the drunk driving caused an accident which resulted in great bodily harm or death.Many times, a fatality can resul

Building the Persuasive Case Begins With Getting the Facts

When should clients begin assisting their criminal defense lawyer in building the persuasive case? Immediately! Factual material should be gathered from every possible source with economic limits and clients are the first place to look.

Penalties of Issuing Fraudulent Checks

Fraudulent checks are known by many names, including bad checks, bogus checks and nonsufficient fund checks. The penalties for writing a fraudulent check range from minor to severe.Civil PenaltiesFraudulent checks under a certain amount qualify as a civil offense. These check amounts...

Why You Need a Qualified DUI Attorney

Many fail to realize just how serious a charge of DUI is and instead treat it as just a minor traffic offense. In reality the consequences of being charged with driving under the influence can be far reaching and last long after you have served any penalty handed down.