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How to Fix Jvm.dll

"The file jvm.dll is missing," "Cannot find [PATH]\jvm.dll" and "Jvm.dll Not Found" are common error messages that display as a result of damaged or corrupt jvm.dll files. This file is an important component of Java 2 Platform Standard Edition. This program cannot run efficiently without the jvm.dll

How to Restore Start Menu Programs

The Microsoft Windows "Start" menu, located by clicking the "Start" icon on your screen or pressing the "Windows" icon on your keyboard, houses your most commonly used programs and folders. Customizing it will allow you quicker and easier access to your most-used programs and folders. While customiz

Top 10 Internet Security Systems

Choosing the right Internet security system for your computer can be the difference between keeping your computer and personal information safe, or having your computer infected with a virus and potentially losing your private information to hackers. With the help of a list of the 10 best...

How to Install MSI & EXE

.MSI and .EXE files are installer programs which contain vital software resources which applications require in order to run. These installer programs copy data to your computer's hard-drive in an automate process. After installing your program with either a .MSI or .EXE file you may be prompted to

How to Dual Boot Vista & Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 is the new server that may ultimately replace Vista. Available in new laptops and desktops, you can also purchase the installation DVD so you can upgrade your Windows Vista (as well as older servers) with the new program. However, if you're unsure if you really want Windows 7, you can dual

All About LibreOffice

This is a free, open source office suite developed by The Document Foundation community. Here is a quick list of major features and improvements users get by downloading the latest stable or fresh version of LibreOffice.

How to Switch Display Language on Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista supports multiple different display languages so that speakers of different languages can use Windows Vista in their native language. The display language setting controls the language Windows uses for the user interface, including menus, dialog boxes, wizards and help dialog

How to Tweak a 56K Modem in Windows XP Home SP2

Modems are pieces of hardware that allow you to connect to the Internet through a phone line. If you have a 56k modem installed on your Windows XP Home SP2 computer system, you can tweak the properties of the modem through its settings. This allows you to change the speed of the modem and the volume

How Do I View My Product Key?

A product key is the identifying code that a software developer requires you to enter in order to install the software to your computer. It differentiates your copy of the software from others and helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing the program. After entering your product key for the fi

How to Remove a USB Device on Windows XP

USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices, also called thumb drives, flash drives, pen drives and jump drives, must be properly removed. Simply disconnecting the device from your USB port is not the proper method. There are two different ways to remove an attached USB device from your Windows XP-equipped c

How to Create XP Home Power User

Windows XP Home gives users the power to create limited or power user accounts. The limited account will prevent that user from accessing system files, making modifications to the system and installing some types of programs. A power user will be able to do all of the above. The power user in Window

How to Restore a Windows Shortcut

A shortcut is a link to an executable file. They are most commonly placed on the desktop and included in the "Start" menu. Windows shortcuts can be accidentally deleted or removed for a variety of reasons. Restoring these shortcuts is a relatively easy process.

How to Use Windows XP Backup Utility

Viruses, accidental deletion and computer crashes can attack an XP computer without warning. Unless you have your information stored on an external hard drive or backed up onto discs, it is only a matter of time before it disappears. Do not risk losing your computer settings and files. The Windows X

How to Use PlanPlus Contacts With Other Software

FranklinCovey's PlanPlus program allows busy users to keep track of their contacts, calendar events and daily schedules by keeping everything in a single place that can be accessed on your personal computer or remotely. Some users may want to have their contact and scheduling information in other se

How to Become a Real Computer Geek

Now that many so-called "computer geeks" are becoming extremely wealthy, the age of ostracizing the computer savvy is coming to an end. The road to true computer geekdom is long and arduous, but the payoff is worth the trouble.

How to Change the Windows XP Key After Installation

If you are running the Windows XP operating system on a PC computer and decide to purchase a new license of Windows XP, you can change your system's license key without having to reinstall all your software. In order to change a Windows XP key after installation, you must be an administrator on your

How to Disable a Vim Color Scheme

Vim, which builds on the vi text editor for UNIX, is a command-line text editor that includes a variety of advanced features, including syntax highlighting. Vim automatically detects source code text file that you load into it and displays different parts of the source code in different colors to in

How to Reset the Windows Password for Free

Your Windows computer allows you to create several account profiles. Each profile has an associated password, which is used to log in to the Windows computer. If you forget your password, you don't need expensive tools to retrieve or reset the password. Instead, you use the administrator account to

How to Repair Boot Files in Windows XP

Damaged boot files in Windows XP prevent the operating system from starting in Normal Mode, although you may be able to access Safe Mode. If you are able to enter Safe Mode, try to copy damaged boot files or to modify the boot.ini while in Safe Mode by inserting the Windows XP installation disk and

How Can I Share Documents Between User Accounts on Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista permits users to maintain private home directories for storing files, program settings, photos, emails and music. Any information stored in a home directory is private and can only be accessed by that user or by a computer administrator. Try one of several solutions for shari