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How to Upgrade Your HP Pavilion

The two most common computer components to upgrade are the hard drive and the RAM. A larger hard drive allows a user more space to store files, whereas faster RAM increases the speed of a computer's processes. Upgrading the hard drive and RAM in an HP Pavilion can be a struggle even for

Advantages of DDR3

In the world of computers, random access memory is one of the most important statistics to evaluate when it comes to the overall performance of the machine. Not all RAM is created equal and DDR3 is one of the more advanced types of RAM available. It possesses several advantages over other types of R

How to Disable Touchpad Software

The touchpad on your laptop computer may not be as intuitive as you (and the manufacturer) would like it to be. If you find the controls on it to be so unwieldy that you want to completely disable the touchpad software, you can do it by accessing your laptop's Device Manager. Make sure that you have

How Do Wireless and Nonwireless Modems Work?

Wireless ModemA wireless modem is a device that allows a computer to connect to a wireless network without the aid of lengthy, expensive Ethernet cables. The modem simply connects directly to your Internet service provider at which point it essentially serves the same job as a wireless...

How to Connect Two Wireless Routers to One Modem

Cable and DSL modems often lack multiple Ethernet out connections, instead relying on the end user to purchase components such as a router to connect multiple computers. A wireless router can be used to connect both WiFi capable devices and wired network devices to a single internet connection. Conn

Mixing Computers With Magnets - A Bad Idea?

You love your new laptop and you probably a good amount of money to get what you wanted. Certainly, you want to know how to protect your data at all costs. Perhaps you have heard that computers and magnets don't mix.

How to Put a Computer Name & Workgroup on a Mac

Starting with Mac OS 10.2, any existing Mac user can be configured to share and access shares on a Windows workgroup. For the process to work, the Mac's workgroup name must be the same as the workgroup name used by the Windows network. The computer name will be used to identify your Mac on the netwo

How to Check for Internet Interruptions

Checking if your Internet connection is working properly is easy to do and the tools for it come with every existing operating system. There are even ways to check if single websites are inaccessible just to you or if the whole Internet is experiencing an outage. Since the Internet is a web, there's

How to Change Text Colors in MSN

Windows Live Messenger 2011 is a free program from Microsoft that connects to the Microsoft Network (MSN) for instant messaging. As you use Windows Live Messenger to chat with your friends, the standard behavior is for messages to appear in black text on a white background. However, Windows Live Mes

Quick Guide to Buying a Computer Processor

The central processing unit (CPU) of your computer does not refer to the entire computer box as many ordinary users mistakenly call it. But it is a small piece of hardware that is also called the processor or microprocessor that reads, converts, and disposes majority of the instructions inside your

PC Case Cooling Strategy

In the world of personal computing, heat is the enemy. The hotter a PC's components get, the more likely the computer is to freeze up, crash or even suffer hardware damage. To keep a PC running at a healthy temperature you must draw heat away from the vital components such as the CPU, RAM and dissip

What You Should Know Before Upgrading Your Desktop PC

Upgrading your desktop PC can certainly be a way to extend the life of the computer and even provide extra functionality. Understanding which components can be upgraded and the improvements gained can be confusing and ...

What Does TV Out on a Graphics Card Mean?

"TV Out" on a graphics card refers to the port that connects from the computer to an external display, such as a television. Several different connection types have TV Out capabilities and which one you use determines video quality.

How to Make a Font Larger on Aspire 5100

The Aspire 5100 is popular laptop computer manufactured by Acer. The machine is noted for providing a high level of performance and rich features in an affordable package. It offers a 15.4-inch screen, 160 gigabyte hard drive, high-end graphics card, and a 64-bit core duo X2 processor. Almost every

The Disadvantages of Client Server Technology

Client server networks have distinct advantages and disadvantages.computers network image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.comClient server technology is used for many systems, including Internet applications. In a client server network, application resources are stored on the server...

How to Replace a Dell Inspiron Keyboard

Dell is one of the pioneers in manufacturing laptops across the globe. Not only does it cater to hundreds of individual clients, it caters to business needs as well. One of the most successful series of Dell laptop has been Inspiron. Various versions of this series are popular with people these days

How to Enhance Computer Audio

Computers have a wide-ranging influence on how we experience our media. You can use your computer for many different things--listening to music, watching streaming video, watching DVDs or playing games. In all of these experiences, sound is an important part of the experience. If you're not satisfie

How to Create More Copies of an HP Recovery Disc

Recovery discs contain the software and settings initially installed on your computer. They contain the computer's programs, drivers, operating system and default settings. Recovery discs can be useful or necessary in case of a hard drive crash. These discs are often shipped along with one's compute

BIOS Update Fails on Part of BIOS

BIOS updates are some of the scariest tasks a computer administrator can face. BIOS runs from a hardware chip and effectively boots the computer. If something goes wrong when you are updating BIOS and the update fails, your computer will not be able to start up.

How to Burn an APE File

.APE files store audio tracks that are encoded using the Monkey's Audio encoder software. Burn the APE files to a disc if you want to create a backup of the files or transfer them to another computer. Use the native burner included in the Windows operating system to write the files to the disc in th