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How Awesome Are We?

Cosplayers, panelists, and events from the East Coat's largest anime convention, Otakon.

Manga reviews, previews, profiles and ratings

Read reviews and recommendations of the latest and greatest manga and manga-style graphic novels. Learn more about the different kinds of manga, including shojo, shonen, seinen, josei, yaoi and yuri manga, age ratings for manga and how to read manga in the traditional right to left style.

How to Fix a Crackled Wall

An unsightly crackled wall can be fixed surprisingly quickly by placing a few items over the crack and then allowing them to dry. The method provides a seal that is difficult to penetrate. A crackled wall is formed when the surface is stressed. Unlike a cracked wall, where one crack forms along the

How to Paint MDF Furniture

MDF furniture can make a wonderful, cheap update for a home on a tight budget. But when it comes time for a new update, MDF can seem like a nightmare to paint. Between the slick surface of the laminate on top of the MDF, and the porous MDF material, it can seem like an impossibility to give the fu

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw a Bear's Face

By breaking it down into step-by-step instructions a bear's face is mostly just a combination of shapes, particularly circles. To get the best bear's face, draw it slightly at an angle, which will make it easier to see the different parts, as opposed to looking straight on. Draw the bear's face look

How to Paint My Martin Logan Quest Speakers

Martin Logan Quest speakers are a brand of speakers that are composed of either plastic or wood. If you'd like to paint your Martin Logan Quest speakers, you must employ a particular preparation strategy based on the composition of the speak frame, or you will ultimately end up with shedding. In add

How to Remove Overspray From Fresh Paint

Accidents happen during repairs and projects involving paint. For example, mistakes can often lead to overspray from fresh paint. Though inconvenient, overspray can be removed rather quickly using the proper tools and the appropriate solvent. The most common household paint on the market is latex pa

How to Make a Mural of the Great Wall of China

Despite centuries of bruising weather, warfare, and the ravages of time, the Great Wall of China still stands as a manmade marvel. Few Westerners could travel to the 5,500-mile-long wall until relations between the Western world and China began to thaw during 1970s. Whether you have traveled to Chin

How to Remove Paint From a Garage

The main reason to remove paint from a garage floor is generally that you want to repaint the floor. The original paint may be damaged, or maybe you're just bored with the color. If the original paint is in good condition, you can use it as a base coat and paint over it. If it's damaged, you will n

How to Stain a Redwood Fence

If left untreated, your redwood fence will ultimately fade to a weathered, silvery gray. Prevent this occurrence and prolong the life of the wood by finishing the fence with an oil stain. Stain the redwood, using the right technique, or the fence's finish may appear blotchy. Identify potential mista

How to Print Giclee

If you'd like to try your hand at producing museum-quality reproductions of original art or photographs, consider giclée. Pronounced zhee-klay, the word literally means "spraying or squirting ink." Giclée printers operate like most ink jet types, but archival inks and paper offer amazing a

What Makes Paint Color Lighter?

Paint colors are lightened when a white base is added. You can lighten the color of your paint by stirring in small amounts of white paint. Before you begin, understand the proper way to accomplish your goal, or you could ruin your paint.

How to Paint a Frog

Frogs are versatile creatures that can be transformed from cute little creatures for children's art to detailed amphibians for paintings that look nearly life-like. Each kind of frog can be equally enjoyable to paint. No matter what level of realism you bring to your frog painting, the basic process

How to Magnetize Chalk Paint

You may not find many chalkboards in classrooms any more, but the dark erasable surface is still fun and useful at home -- even more so if it's magnetized. Paint a magnetized chalk wall in the kids' room, the office, the kitchen, or even as an ever-changing art wall in your living room. While there