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Having Unpaid Taxes Affect Credit Score

There are a lot of people nowadays who neglect their tax because they think that missing out on it is no big deal. Unpaid taxes are like your regular credit bills; you have to pay ...

Establishing Your Credit - A Better Way To Financial Success

In today's economy, so many people are worried about their credit score. They believe that their credit score is incredibly important. However, if you manage your finances properly, you may never need a credit score. I know this sounds crazy... but relying on a credit score to handle your finan

What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan

Book review of What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan. The book is a real life story of a commodity trader who lost $1.6 million dollars trading commodities. The story is entertaining, but the focus of the book is what he learned from the process, which may be inval

Cheap Credit Cards

You can find cheap credit cards online as well as at offline credit card companies. Did you know that the best cards have very low interest and no fees? How do you find them?

Savings and Your Credit Repair Victory

Credit repair may very well eliminate most, if not all, of the derogatory information on your credit report. And if you are in a position to benefit you may even take advantage of the moment to refinance existing debt, lower your payments, and take pressure off of your budget.

Credit Report Lock-Up - Does it Work?

Should you place your credit report under lock down? Although it seems like a good idea in this environment of credit and identity theft, the automatic is not necessarily "Yes." Check out the pros and consthen decide.

Five Simple Ways to Regain Credit Card Control

Credit cards easily get out of control. You simply don't realize how much you are charging and how little you are paying. Before you can even think about paying your card off entirely, you have to simply regain control of your credit card debt.

How to Make Reward Cards More Rewarding

Are you getting the most out of your reward cards? Some card holders play the rewards game like it's going out of style, even designating certain reward cards for specific types of purchases. They buy gas with one card, groceries with another, and online purchases with still another. And keepin

What Is an IRS Clearance?

An IRS clearance is a document that the IRS requires resident and non-resident aliens to complete if they are leaving the United States. Also known as a sailing permit or a departure permit, the document assures the IRS that you have paid your tax liability before you depart. The rules for aliens an

How to Get the Most Out of Your Rewards Programs

Reward programs are everywhere these days. From frequent flyer miles to department store "points" systems. In fact, over 80% of us admit to belonging to at least one of these loyalty marketing campaigns. But how can we ensure that we are getting the most in return for that loyalty. Here ar

Protect yourself against Identity Theft

It is important that you keep all your information safe to reduce the chances of being a victim of identity theft. To do this you will need to practice safe banking, business and computer practices. ...

Visa Gift Cards

I think we all know what a credit card is for:they are great for online and personal transactions, along with bill payments and leisure activity purchases.They are akin to borrowing money and, like all loans, must be paid back in a timely manner.They can help or hurt your credit score.Gift cards, ho

Credit Disputes Online - 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Do This!

The Fair Debt Reporting Act provides you the right to dispute erroneous, inaccurate and unverified items to have them removed from your credit history.Online credit disputes are the least beneficial to consumers.The first reason and one factor you have on your side when disputing credit is time...

The Best And The Cheapest Credit Card For Someone With High FICO Score

Even if you have high personal credit score, or FICO score, getting the best and the cheapest credit card is an art, and it resembles finding a way out of a labyrinth put up by merchants and credit card companies. Some of the confusion is intentional, the companies simply want to attract you to star

How To Use Credit Cards To Repair Credit

Credit card use has become so widespread and common place that almost everyone now owns a card, and almost everyone is carrying a significant debt on their cards. Also, many people now have a considerable amount of debt from other sources, such as personal loans and home loans. This huge amount of d

Business Startup Grants

Individuals are always hoping a business startup grant will finance their dream business. Usually something along the lines of a night club or house flipping. Sadly, people do not think it through and hope that ...

Choosing the Best Credit Card Offer

In order to take a reasonable decision, you need to evaluate your needs and rank them precisely. Further, you can make your choice and apply for a credit card, which covers most of your requirements and provides maximum benefits.

Credit Score Building - Being Responsible With Credit

If you have owned a credit card for some time or even if you are just starting to use credit, it is a good idea to know how to build your credit score nice and strong. Even though you cannot get an extremely high credit score over night, you still should understand and apply the methods of developin