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Putting Bankruptcy Behind You and Keeping It There

When an individual is considering filing bankruptcy or they are currently in a bankruptcy proceeding, their level of stress is very high. This is understandable and very common among those in the same situation. It is difficult to completely understand the tough road that they are on and frankly som

The Automatic Stay Does Not Apply To You

So you've filed for bankruptcy, and you're not sure why the creditors are still hounding you for their money back. Logically, bankruptcy should tell them that you do not have the means to repay the debt, and legally, it does.

Is My Spouse or Family Liable for My Debt?

The common denominator in the question of debt liability shared within a family structure is twofold: one, the act of mutual consent/signature; and two, the applicable law as set down in the state where the family resides.

The New Bankruptcy Laws Present New Challenges

The most recent alterations to bankruptcy laws might cause it to be more difficult for you to file bankruptcy. If you're in a high income bracket you will no longer be permitted to utilize Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Instead, you'll have to file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay back at least

What Does It Mean to Consolidate Your Debt?

Debt consolidation combines multiple bills into a single monthly payment. The primary reasons for consolidating debt are to obtain a lower interest rate and simplify the debt payments. Debt consolidation is common among people with credit problems and companies with maxed out business credit cards.

What Information Do You Need to File Bankruptcy in Ohio?

For the most part, the information you need to file bankruptcy in Ohio is the same as what you will need in any bankruptcy court in America. Bankruptcy is governed by the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, which apply equally to all states. The primary difference is that certain courts in Ohio r

How to Reduce or Eliminate Debt

Debt sometimes feels like a merry-go-round, where you move circles without going anywhere. If you charge as much or more than you pay on your debts each month, those debts can ruin your financial future. Resolve to start getting rid of those debts. Change the habits that got you intro trouble and le

Why Should I File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy is our most popular form of personal bankruptcy here in the US. Often times we have to resort to it because we have experienced an unplanned, sudden loss of a job, or a major injury. If you truly want to discharge all of your debts and have a fresh financial start then you m

Chapter 7 FAQ

Chapter 7 is the legal term for a specific kind of bankruptcy. In contrast to other forms of bankruptcy, such as chapter 11 and chapter 13, chapter 7 seeks to eliminate all debt. As such, it is often viewed as the most extreme form of bankruptcy. Even so, individuals filing for chapter 7 do not nece

Best ways to sell your inventory surplus

It very well known to every industrial distributor that Surplus Inventory exists. It may be because of several obvious reasons like strong competitors, lack of customers over production or lack of distributors! Finding a right ...

Seek Credit Counseling Help Before Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy is a great way to get rid of your financial problems, it is a last resort. Before you seek out bankruptcy, try fixing your debt management issues as early as possible with credit counseling.

Bankruptcy Basics: Hiring the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

The bankruptcy process is difficult and draining, emotionally, financially, and physically. However, if your financial situation has truly hit rock bottom, you may find sanctuary in the bankruptcy process. After all, the bankruptcy code was developed to be a safe haven for those who face unbearable

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (R.S. 1985, c. B-3, the Consolidated Statutes of Canada) is administered by the Department of Justice of Canada. Its American equivalent is the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005. Besides the short title and definitions, the act is composed of addressing all matters pert

What Trustees Look for in Bankruptcy

The major responsibility of bankruptcy trustees is to properly administer bankruptcy cases and ensure all of the parties involved with the cases comply with the bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy trustees are assigned to bankruptcy cases by the court. Trustees prevent abuse of the bankruptcy system by revi

Chapter 11 Versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You do need to know that there are different types of bankruptcy that will apply to specific situations and people. It is important for you to do some research and find out the differences between chapter 11 versus chapter 13 bankruptcy so that the process is smooth for you.

Christian Organizations That Help People in Debt

Many Christians who find themselves in debt feel a moral obligation to repay it rather than file bankruptcy. It can be difficult, however, to find debt consolidation services that recommend only debt relief options that Christians find ethical. Fortunately, many debt consolidation and...

Bankruptcy Filing Options (Yes you have options)

Times are hard these days due to an increase of unemployment and the rising cost of the essential things we need to live. These hard times are causing millions of hard working Americans to turn ...

Use a Bankruptcy Lawyer When Filing Bankruptcy

It is extremely important for anyone who is contemplating filing for bankruptcy to seek the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer. There are many legal implications that you will never be aware of if you try to file bankruptcy on our own.