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How Do I Get Folders on a Jailbroken iPhone?

One of the new features added to the iPhone with the iOS 4 operating system update was the ability to add folders to the iPhone's home screen. These folders can be used to organize your application icons. While jailbreaking your iPhone will void the terms and conditions of its warranty, a jailbroken

How to Control the SSH on My iPad

When you jailbreak your iPad, the device is unlocked from iTunes and you are able to access its operating system files and folders using an SSH connection from your computer. SSH, or "Secure Shell," is a secure file access protocol that allows you to add, remove and edit the iPad's operating system

How to Spot iPhone Scams

As soon as the release date of the iPhone approached, hackers and online criminals started to think of ways to scam unsuspecting consumers with phony iPhone offers and deals. Since you don't want to put yourself at risk, you should know how to spot iPhone scams.

How Does an iPhone Work?

Phone ServiceAfter purchasing the iPhone, users must sign up for cell phone service with AT&T to activate the phone. The cell phone can be synchronized with a computer, enabling the user to quickly download contacts and calendars from Outlook onto the iPhone. The process takes minutes,...

How to Make an ePub for the iPad

EPub is one of the best-known e-book formats, used for books purchased from the Apple iBookstore and for several free e-book websites including Project Gutenberg and Bookrix. There are two simple ways to add your book as an ePub document on your iPad. For personal documents, you can use a conversion

Removing Scratches From iPods

Over time the Apple iPod casing can become scratched up. Scratches can be the result of being placed in pockets and bags and rubbing against other items. Scratches can also be caused by small pieces of debris getting stuck between a protective case and the iPod itself. Scratches may not hurt the fun

Jailbroken iPod Games

Jailbroken iPods let you play copies of old console games.spielen image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.comThe only jailbroken iPod possible is the iPod Touch. By jailbreaking the device you can add non-Apple apps and games to your iPod without buying a different or more expensive device...

How to Reset an Encrypted Password on an iPhone

You may have several reasons to reset the password you established to encrypt your iPhone backup in iTunes. Whether your current password's been breached or you simply need a more memorable password, you can change your encryption password as straightforwardly as you set the original one.

How to Shop for Apps for a Palm Pre Plus

The HP/Palm Pre Plus is a full-featured multimedia smartphone available to AT&T and Verizon users. These devices run HP/Palm's WebOS operating system and several useful apps are already installed on the phone by default, including the "App Catalog." This app allows HP/Palm Pre Plus users to search f

How to Watch Video Trailers on Your iPhone

Watching video trailers on your iPhone is a way to catch the latest movie previews. This may be beneficial when you are wanting to watch a new preview but are away from your computer. In addition, you will be able to share your favorite previews with your friends and family wherever you are.

How to Download the Bible to an iPod

Applications are available on the Internet that allow you to hear or read versions of the Bible on your iPod. The most compatible and extensive Bible application for the iPod is the BiblePlayer 1.2, which includes the entire Bible in an MP3 audio format, the entire text of the Bible, daily proverbs,

How do I Rip a Movie to iTouch?

Apple's iPod Touch MP3 player plays and stores music and video, and allows you to surf the Web and send email. The screen on an iPod Touch is the largest of any other iPod, making it easier to watch movies and television shows. To enjoy movies on an iPod Touch, you either need to purchase the movie

How to Recharge an iTouch

Each of Apple's iPod MP3 players relies on a rechargeable, internal battery; you must periodically recharge the iPod Touch as you use it and the battery drains. The battery indicator in the top-right corner of the iTouch decreases and changes from green to red as your battery dies and, if you set it

How Has the iPod Progressed?

When Apple launched iTunes in January 2001, it took the first steps toward revolutionizing the way the world listens to music and paved the way for the iPod to enter the personal audio player market.

Features of an iPod Touch 3G

Released in 2009, the third-generation iPod Touch, or iPod Touch 3G, is the third version of the personal audio device, which was introduced in 2007, just months after the iPhone. The iPod Touch 3G comes with a variety of features, including a built-in video player and high-capacity memory. CNET Rev

How to Play an M4P

M4P files--music downloaded from iTunes--are protected by Apple's Digital Rights Management (DRM), and as such, won't play on anything not made by Apple. If you want to play these files on a non-Apple mobile audio device or a player other than iTunes, you'll have to to burn a CD, convert the files,

How to Put a Compass on My iPhone

The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 include a Compass app that allows users to find the direction they are traveling. This app is also combined with the iPhone's Map feature to allow change the map based on the direction you are traveling. You can access the compass by opening the Compass App or the Maps ap