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Kids - Grade Improvement Guide

A kids grade can easily be improved with a little extra effort and this grade improvement guide. Grades not only affect self esteem, but they can be the facilitators to having success in adolescent and adult life.

Teen Depression & Suicide

Teenagers are a vulnerable group. They experience tremendous pressure from all sides: from inside their changing bodies, from their parents, from their schools and from their peers. No one can be perf

Are We Caught Up With a Brand or a Name?

Why are we so concerned about branded or named items? Who taught us that these products will make us filled with pride, joy, satisfaction, cool or belong? The marketers are doing a great job because if we follow them and keep on getting stuff from them they succeed. There is nothing wrong with that

What Sent Me Crashing Down to Earth

'Don't give up on me, Sam. Don't ever give up hope. Don't ever quit on me'. Some of the words my mother said to me during her 7 year battle against breast cancer. Here is he

Pornography is Killing Children!

Children don't know anything and all of sudden, they friend start to talk about pornography issues and they become curious so once there's no one home, they turn on the computer, access search Engine about what pornography all about and in a few months their attitude start to change, they

Creative Science Fair Projects

This article shows unique science fair projects that are great for children of all ages. Stand out from the crowd with a creative, never before seen science fair project.

Look For Versatility in Children's Furniture

You can set up an eating area that is just for your child and his friends to provide them with a "just my size" area that makes them feel special and gives them a chance to interact with each other. The same furniture can be used as an entertainment center for small groups of kids to work

Teenage Alcoholism: 5 Hints Your Teen Is Alcohol Dependent

Is your teen experimenting with drugs and alcohol? Do you wonder how serious your teen's alcohol use really is? Is it possible your family may even have a case of teenage alcoholism on their hands? This article gives you 5 clues to look for if teenage alcoholism is present. Education about alco

Wedding Fun Facts

Wedding Fun Facts There are many facts, be they tradition or just fun information, but here are a few that I would like to share with you. Now I am sure we have all heard ...

Sleeping Cots For Little Tykes

Day care centers do not only provide areas exclusively for learning, socializing and playing. They also provide areas for sleeping and resting.

Finding Halloween Costumes For Your Spooky Event

To Dress up in Halloween costumes is a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween. There are so many costumes available in stores or use your imagination and make your own. For example, you have the traditional white bed sheet to use over the head to look like a ghost. Or you can shop at the stores

Discussing Teenagers and Social Networking

The Internet has always shown us new ways to connect and share. What started out as a research project aimed at academicians has now transformed in to a life tool itself. From simple text based emails to multicast video sessions, the internet has come a long way since its inception in 1970. Once suc

General Toy Guidelines

Toys are wonderful things, but if they are poorly made or aren't appropriate for the child's age, they can present choking and other hazards. Following a few guidelines will allow toys to safely bring joy to your child.

Safe Places Where Your Child Can Ride a Kiddie Bike

You have bought a balancing bike for your child, you can't wait to see your child happy and laughing when your child sees his or her new bike but the problem is you don't have a large space around your home where you can let your child use his or her new bike. You have to find a place wher

Thought Provoking Transformation for a Mentee

Everyone who endured any endeavor had their moment wondering when it's going to be their time. When I reflect on some of the most famous people in history. I most often consider, what the individual is most famous for, and had to go thru to have their time to become famous.