MLM Checklist - Duplication of a Downline

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You've done your due diligence.
You Googled your MLM's management team for any whiff of a scam; your company has great products that are at the forefront of a trend and that you can retail at a reasonable price; your pay plan is fair, even generous, since it pays part-timers right out of the gate.
So why are you stalled? You were promised a turnkey system to explode your growth and your wealth.
But you're spinning your wheels.
Your target marketing is targeted but not marketing.
You're turning the key but it's not turning over.
You are not duplicating yourself and fresh MLM leads are scarce.
At least the good ones are, the ones that will give you someone with a pulse to talk to.
Someone in your Upline drew circles and connected them with lines.
But here's what they failed to point out: The Circles are really PEOPLE and the Lines are really RELATIONSHIPS.
Warm market or cold, you are looking for those people who want to hear what you have to say in response to THEIR problems, NOT YOURS! Right now, the first time they talk to you, they do not care one whit about your "Breakthrough Business Opportunity".
They only see their problems staring at them in the face, on the screen, across the table from them.
And they don't know what to do or say or write.
Those are the people you want, the ones with problems.
Once you put your needs and agenda aside and dedicate your efforts to getting them on the right track, you will be halfway home to turning those Lines into Relationships.
Once you've found them and helped them, guess what.
They will come back for more.
And before you know it, or they know it, they'll be trained.
And you will have duplicated yourself.
And have shown them how to do the same.

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