The Bosch 11264EVS Rotary Hammer - Every Contractor"s Tool

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Through innovation and research, there has been manufacture of tools and machinery that handle more than one task; they are multi-purpose.
An example of these great multi-purpose tools is Bosch 11264EVS, a rotary hammer that can be used for driving screws, drilling holes on wood, metal and concrete, and even tamping works.
Features and Various Applications of The Bosch 11264EVS Rotary Hammer Bosch 11264EVS is a relatively small and light machinery with a weight of about 14.
3 lbs and a length of about 18 inches; this is light compared to traditional driving and driving machines that were heavy and fixed on benches in the workshop.
These specifications make Bosch 11264EVS their most appropriate tool to use in contracts that need moving of the machinery to the worksite.
The tool is portable.
The relatively low weight makes it possible to use the tool in raised areas that would otherwise impossible with traditional fixed and heavy machinery.
This state of the art driving and drilling rotary hammer has tool free bit change that allows the user to change from one bit to another as need arises.
He is able to change the bit with one hand without the need for a tool kit.
This makes it the most convenient tool for working with on raised areas with varying drilling and driving needs.
The user will not have to get down to change the bit and the get back to continue with work.
This reduces wastage of project time allowing for earlier completion of the project.
The Bosch 11264EVS has patented cable turret that reduces wear and breakage of the tools cord.
The makes it the most appropriate tool to work with on a work that needs a lot of movements and navigation.
With this feature, one is able to navigate comfortably around the work without fear of cable wear and breakage.
Bosch 11264EVS has vibration control that provides maximum comfort of the user while at the same time reducing chances of damage on the work being worked on, damage that is usually associated with vibration of traditional rotary hammers.
The reduced vibration allows the user to work with this state of the art tool with reduced fatigue.
This power tool has a variable speed which allows the user to adjust the drilling and driving speed accordingly depending on the material to be worked on.
This makes the tool appropriate for works with varying drilling and driving needs due to different materials Why Should You Consider Buying Bosch 11264EVS? This excellent rotary hammer has turbo power that is able to deliver 20 per cent more power in one of its mode hammer only.
This allows one to drive screws or drill holes through hard surfaces like steel with ease.
Bosch 11264EVS has a service minder signal that indicates when there is a need for preventive maintenance.
Unlike traditional machinery, the tool will not just break down without notice.
It provides for increased chances of servicing.
In addition to this, the Bosch 11264EVS comes with an auxiliary side handle that allows for easier use of the tool and a carrying bag to allow for easier portability of this state of the art rotary hammer.
These give the customer value for his money.

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