Banner Ad Definition

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    What Are Banners Ads Anyway?

    • A banner advertisement is an ad placed on a web page either at the top, on the sides, within the main content or at the bottom of the page. Banner ads consist of images that contain hyperlinks which lead to the advertiser's website.

    Varieties And Flexibilities

    • Banner ads exist in many forms and sizes. Most are rectangular, but they can be vertical, horizontal and square. They often contain moving images and text, flashy colors and can even be deployed as "pop-ups."

    The Bottom Line Of Banners

    • While all the flashy colors, bells, and whistles that banner ads offer are impressive, there is only one true metric that honestly assesses their effectiveness. And that is the click through rate (CTR). Quite simply, if surfers aren't clicking the ad, then it is virtually worthless.

    A Banner For Every Occasion

    • One of the most useful aspects of using banner ads is the flexibility they offer. For instance, a website can deploy rotating banner ads which allow several different banners to rotate either on a time basis or with each visitor.


    • Banner ads provide instantaneous feedback. Advertisers who have several banner ads in place can tell in a very short time which ones are working. This allows them to eliminate the ineffective ads quickly.


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