How to Market Your Independent Profit Center Business

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There are different ways to drive traffic to a website and convert that traffic into sales, the main two ways are Marketing and Advertising.
Let's take a look at the different aspects of both.
Marketing to me is the ability to drive long term traffic that will convert into long term profit.
When I think about marketing, I think of FREE.
Just like the word implies, marketing is basically leaving your marks any and everywhere you go so that few months or few years down the road, those marks can still be found by people passing through them.
Think about this for a second, what happens when you walk on a road that just got built by construction workers, and has not completed dried up? you leave a foot print, and that footprint will stay there for years.
Well, it is exactly the same with marketing, all you are doing is leaving your footprints for people to see when they walk pass, therefore driving massive traffic to your website for a very long period of time if not forever.
Advertising however is a little bit different than marketing, advertising to me is the ability to drive short term traffic that will result in quick profits.
Unlike marketing, advertising require one to spend money in order to drive traffic to his or her website and turn it into sales.
The benefits of advertising is that you will usually see results faster as opposed to marketing, although they may only be for a short period of time, advertising is the quickest way to generate profits in any business period.
Now that we know about marketing and advertising, let's take a look at how you can apply them to your Independent Profit Center business.
If you have no money to advertise, simply place free classified ads on numerous sites such as craiigslist, backpage, adlandpro, usfreeleads and many more.
We have ads already written for you to copy and paste, image ads included.
Now if you do have a little bit of money to invest then you are in an even better position because with just a single Solo Ad, you could generate 2 to 5 sales.
The solo ads are also pre-written for you to just copy and paste.
We also have videos showing you exactly what to do step by step.
Have you been looking and searching for a business that would finally give you the success and freedom that you want? then i would advise to you take a serious look at the Independent Profit Center.

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