5 Must Know Pit Falls in Web Hosting

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Web hosting provider industry is an ever growing industry to look out for.
In any industry that can provide huge profits, there will be people who would try to grab easy money through less integrity methods.
These people are those who run their business without honesty because they only want to make quick money.
As a consumer, we need to be cautious when making choices so that we do not fall for cheap bargains that turns out to be a trick.
Out in the market today, there are companies that offer free trial and there are also some that don't.
Free trial is a sign that we must all look out for.
Any company that do not provides this should not be entertained because it is not acceptable.
Web hosting is a very competitive industry and the technology circling the internet is always changing.
Therefore, we must look for a company that provides the latest software and not those who are outdated.
You won't believe it that there are companies out there still providing hosting using PHP4, WordPress 2.
2 and Joomla 1.
2 both with Fantastico installation.
This outdated software must be avoided at all cost because there can't fight against hackers.
Another thing that you need to look out for is the hidden charges which usually come with cheap hosting providers.
They often require a high cancellation fee of their service.
This trap is difficult to avoid because you will only know after you paid for their service.
The only way you can avoid it is to look for reviews from other users on their feedback regarding the service that they receive.
Some providers lack customer support.
In this case, you will have difficulty acquiring information because their staffs are busy serving existing customers.
When you have a pre-sell question, you can point it in forums or peers.
That I the way you can see if that company is providing good support or not.
Support is very important if you are not an expert webmaster but we must remember that a goof company will provide quality in everything.
Support is one of the services and good company comes with good support.
One last thing that we must know regarding web providers is their uptime guarantees.
There are many factors that can cause error.
It might be the power supply, software failure, hardware malfunction or even equipment problems.
Therefore, there are no company that can promise 100% uptime.
If you come across one company that claims that, they are probably lying because not even Google can provide 100%.

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