What is Twitter? How Can Twitter make me Money?

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What is Twitter? How Can Twitter make me Money?

Twitter is a very popular online short-form messaging tool. Today, Twitter is used to provide news, market businesses, social media, micro blogging, and to communicate with friends and family.

If your speaking "Twitter" lingo then Twitter is a social / micro blogging network that let's you "tweet" to your "followers". Tweeting is sending brief messages with a maximum length of 140 characters to all your "followers". Followers are Twitter users and people that are following you. Twitter let's anybody follow anybody! Basically, you have the potential of getting every twitter user to also follow you; this means that every time you send a tweet, over 100,000,000 users get to view your short message. Of course when you first sign up you have no followers, building a foundation of followers is important because that is the only way your brief, yet important message will be read.

The more Twitter Followers, the more public your announcement!

Why Twitter?

Twitter is available every where and is so easy and simple to use. Anybody can sign up with two clicks and start sending tweets to others; plus it's practically available almost anywhere you go. You can tweet from desktops, laptops, cell phones, and almost any other portable device on the market. Twitter has been named one of the fastest growing social networks and now you know why and if you haven't signed up to Twitter yet then get to it! You do not want to miss the opportunity to pass your important information to such a vast amount of people.

Now the big question….making money…how do I do it….and how do you do it?

The first step is to build a large network of followers interested in products and services that you or others offer. Instead of manually finding followers which can take a long time, I outsource it. I invest a small budget to buy large amounts of twitter followers. By purchasing "bulk" twitter followers I can grow my account to over 10,000 followers in 3 to 4 weeks. This is nearly impossible adding followers one at a time.

The second step is to get involved and interactive with my followers. I start conversation, I vote on polls, I always respond to my messages, I contribute to online information and I assist followers as much as I can. Most new comers to the online twitter marketing world start advertising and promoting their products right away to make cash – I guarantee you that won't work. People are not dumb and don't want your products right away. They want to get to know you first, see that you are reputable and above all, a real person! Once they "know" you then they trust you and once they trust you, they are willing to hear your sales pitches because they want to hear what you have to say.

Honestly, the process takes time and work but at the end of the day it pays off. I myself own multiple twitter accounts that bring in great revenue and all I have to do is some simple networking. I refer products to the right people, I write reviews for and to followers that promote affiliate products, I show my results and successes; all which lead to followers wanting my services and I get large amounts of traffic to my homepage from twitter every day. All of this brings in money!

If by now you STILL haven't signed up for Twitter, join by going to twitter.com, create your profile and then purchase some tons of real  followers. Where do I get my thousands of twitter followers from? My only trusted source is buytwitter-followers.com, you won't be disappointed. Have no followers yet? You can change that in minutes!

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