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Cash bullets on different aspects its features, the value you receive, the level of support and overall rating on the scale of 5. This will help anyone to see how good (or bad) the product is at a glance.
If you don't see any reviews yet don't worry sometimes it takes a while for consumers to try the product and report back with feedback (especially if the product is just launched).

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So you get 20 different themes that look like that. There's no content on them. Moving on to the upsells.
First Upsell: Auto Post Traffic Software This software automates the maintenance of the users website by automatically posting and scheduling content on their blog. Once configured, the software is completely hands off to save the user time.

Second Upsell: In this upsell you get a package of "Done For You" affiliate templates that members can instantly install and have up and running (i.e., no content or graphics needed, it's all done for them). Each template cost them supposedly $1,000 to make. Yes, they do have the content on them and are all set to go. So this could be a good deal if you do decide to get this. There's 20 sites in this pack across many different topics. So considering the price, each ones comes out to be $10 each. Which if you consider what you'll make in one affiliate commission from each site, it's more than worth it. I'll leave that up to you. Moving on!

Third Upsell: This is a private coaching program delivered via detailed coaching videos. The videos are pretty good. It shows you many different ways to make money online. They show you how to get tons of traffic to your websites. This might be good for individuals who don't have experience in driving traffic.

My Cash Bullets Review Overall Opinion
That's that Cash Bullets is. If you only get the front end offer, you are better off just getting the review theme I mentioned at the top of this review. It is the exact same review theme, just colors and headers changed. You can do that yourself! So no need to go overboard on buying Cash Bullets.
If the done for you package sounds good to you, like it sounded good to me, then by all means go ahead and grab cash bullets and the done for you package. I'm pretty skilled in doing my own graphics and have good writers but this is a great solution for people struggling to break through and make some income online. I spent quite a bit getting this product along with all the upsells and I hope you appreciate it.

If you do decide to get cash bullets

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