How to Tell If Your Dog is in Bad Health

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Dogs cannot speak when ill however there are some symptoms that can help you identify the signs of sickness in your dog.
You may not be able to gauge the severity of the condition and for this reason you need to immediately consult your veterinarian.
These symptoms are helpful in you detecting any signs of sickness in your dog so that you can take immediate steps urgently.
If your dog coughs this can be a serious symptom that cannot be handled alone.
Infrequent coughing is one thing but in the case of chronic coughing this needs to be looked into.
If the coughing continues up to two weeks it may be a sign of something more serious that could be bronchitis, pneumonia, lung and heart failure.
There are many breathing problems that can also be harmful for your dog.
This requires immediate attention as usual breathing patterns in your dog may be a sign of infection, heart and lung failure, blood in the lungs and tumors.
If your dog is perpetually inactive for long periods of time and this is inevitably a serious problem.
Your pet may be in perpetual state of drowsiness and there could be the possibility of skeletal, muscular, immune disease, cancer, anemia and other urinary tract disorders.
With the help of the above symptoms you can easily detect the signs of ill health and take the appropriate steps urgently.
They are very helpful to all dog owners to ensure that their pet is in the best of health and fit.

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