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Gano Excel is one of the hotter MLM companies of late and for good reason.  They have a simple, highly consumable and affordable product line.  This is a rare combination… perfect for network marketing.  Of course there is more to a company than its product; they must also have a legal and lucrative compensation plan.  Let's take a closer look into all these areas.

Ganoderma, the power behind GanoCafe

The entire product line that Gano Excel offers is based around a species of red mushrooms called Ganoderma Lucidum, which is an herb having a long list of healthy attributes.  These attributes have been heavily studied across the globe by institutions under a clinical environment so we are not talking about snake oil here.

Gano has a very diverse product line spanning from supplements and beverages to personal care and household cleaners, but the flagship product that leads the company in sales and is most often reference by distributors is their line of health coffees called GanoCafe that contain the medicinal perks of Ganoderma.

Coffee has several characteristics that make it a great product for network marketing.
  • People already drink coffee – you don't need to convince people to use the product
  • It is very unique in the marketplace – who knew coffee could be healthy?
  • It is highly consumable – people who drink coffee do so daily
  • It is addictive – people who take vitamins often forget to take them daily, but very few coffee drinkers I know forget to have their morning cup
  • It is much cheaper than most traditional network marketing products – you won't be asking people to shell out an additional $100 a month for a product they're not sure they need in the first place

I really do love the idea of coffee as a network marketing product, but it is not without its own share of challenges.   While it is a great concept to show people how to turn what is widely known to be an unhealthy habit into a healthy one, doing so means changing habits that a lot of people are rather attached to.

I am a coffee drinker myself and I have to say that I'm rather partial to my Panera hazelnut and Kaldi's highlander grog.  I have not tried GanoCafe coffee (although I do plan on it), so I can't speak to the taste, but I know that people can be fickle so don't expect every coffee drinker to be an easy convert.

I don't know much about the other products because not one of the Gano Excel distributors I know has ever mentioned them.  I see the expanding product line around Ganoderma as an avenue to raise the average order and consumption of consumers who are initially sold on the coffee.

Gano Excel parting thoughts…

I personally believe Gano Excel as an MLM opportunity is well above average.  They have an established track record of 15 years, operate in more than 60 countries, a fair/legal compensation plan and a product that is perfect for network marketing.

While all these things point to a good opportunity, my recommendation is to do your own research!  Go in with your eyes wide open.  Don't get sucked into making an emotional snap decision based on an exciting opportunity meeting.  Be sure you are willing to put your reputation on the line for Gano Excel and GanoCafe.  If you do make the decision to join, give it a year… or don't give it a day!

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