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The Copywriting and Marketing gurus are continually telling us that your headline is the most important part of your sales message. Whether that message is a Web page, ezine advertisement or offline postcard - if your headline doesn't grab your potential customer instantly, they're gone - Forever! So the most potent Sales Copy in the world is absolutely worthless, if your headline doesn't stop your reader and compel her to read more.

And I'm sure you've read many times how a change of headline has transformed the sales response of a product beyond imaginings. But why are your headlines so vitally important? Consider this ...

"This Page Contains 34 Headlines and Sub Headlines.
So that's 34 chances to catch the attention of every
visitor to this page. And each headline increases the
opportunities to get the sales message across!"
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That's why headlines can make or break your marketing efforts. But no matter how many 'How To Write Sales Copy' books they get their hands on, the plain fact is that most people have neither the time, the inclination, or the dedication to spend weeks and months to learn how.

"Does This Ring Any Bells"

* You have a great product - but your Ezine Ads don't pull visitors.

* You've tried Pay-Per-Clicks - but they just don't click through.
*Your visitors arrive at your Website - but leave within seconds.
* Your Affiliate Product's headline is identical to hundreds of others.
*Your Search Engine teaser copy just plain doesn't work.
*You're struggling to create a Knock-out title for your eBook.
*Your Articles are great, but they lack eye-catching titles.
* Your Envelope Teaser Copy is not opening envelopes.
*You've tried Postcards, but response is poor.
* Your Classified Ads are drowning in a sea of competition.
* You're getting more and more Frustrated - BIG TIME!

Sound familiar? Yet many unsuccessful Websites and Direct Marketing pieces have Sales Copy that can produce sales. Maybe it's not as powerful or as attention grabbing as the Pro Copywriter's produce, but it's enough to make a decent living. It's genuine, passionate and credible. So why don't they produce the sales they are capable of? Why is YOURS struggling so badly? In most cases it's because ...

"The Headline Doesn't Do Its Job!"

And - let's be honest - sometimes ...

"The Headline Just Plain Sucks!"

Yet those few vitally important words are the difference between Success and Failure. Between Surfers and Buyers. Between Profit and Mediocrity!

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