Types of Evidences You Need for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim in Arizona

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You should be able to gather as much relevant information as you can to confirm your motorcycle accident claim in Arizona. These evidences should come from where your misfortune occurred and from your medical records. Collecting proofs may not be easy especially if you are injured. But as much as you can, do everything to get them.

1. Police report

Ensure that you have a copy of this police report. Police report is a written paper prepared by the police officers after the crash has been reported to them. Generally, it contains the name of the victim(s), name of the driver who supposedly caused the mishap, explanation of the offense and others. It also carries the diagram of the scene to find out who is responsible for it. Sometimes, it can possibly have the name of the witnesses and the condition of the driver during the accident, particularly when he/she is tested to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Photos of vehicles involved, the location of the motorcycle accident, and you and your injuries

Taking photos is simple especially now that mobile devices have a built-in camera. If you can, take pictures of the scene, the vehicles that are engaged in the accident (see to it that they are not shifted yet), yourself, and the injuries that you sustained. These photos can speak well for you.

3. Medical records, including hospital bills

Make a copy of your medical records, including medical bills, for your motorcycle accident claim in Arizona. These work as proofs of your injuries. These include identification of your injuries, treatment as recommended by your medical doctor, pain you experienced after and during treatment, expected recovery time, future medical procedures, current and future medical bills and others.

4. Contact info of the possible witnesses

These may be included in the police report but to be sure that you have them in case the police officers were not able to gather them, try to obtain the names and other contact info of the people who were present in the accident scene.

5. Your day-to-day record of the accident

You need to make certain that you are able to recall all the important details of the motorcycle accident from the day you endured injuries. Be as descriptive as possible so as to give the readers, especially the court, an idea on everything that occurred. Write in your daily journal who was involved; what, when, where and why it transpired; climate conditions; lighting conditions; names of the individuals who witnessed the accident and many more.

Most motorcycle accident claims in Arizona fail because the victims were unable to collect hard evidences at the scene of the accident. This is why it is essential that you have the number of a lawyer in your phone so you (or your companion) can make a call. It may be far too late for you if you or you ask a person to go back to the location to acquire proofs. Sometimes, everything is cleaned and taken out already. You only have the police report and your medical records to rely on.

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