Are You in the Wrong MLM Or Network Marketing Business?

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Many people are.
If you were like me ramped up and ready to go when you joined your MLM company, you went to all of the trainings, seminars and events that you could feasibly attend.
You maybe familiar with the exercise to help you determine what you should say when people ask you what business are you in.
What did you choose: I help single mom's stay at home with their kids.
I help individuals retire early by creating multiple streams of income I help people improve their health and wealth.
All of those are creative answers for what we do but the truth of the matter is that really isn't what we do or rather should be doing.
Those are the benefits.
And yes that is what your prospect may need to know, however we should never be confused as to what we really do.
Stay with me here because I'm going to explain...
Here's an illustration that is similar to one found in internet marketing guru Mike Dillard's attraction marketing e-book Magnetic Sponsoring.
This illustration clearly helps you to see what business you should be in as a network marketer.
Now you've just purchased a business in a box and it consists of 2,500 new bottles of Super Trim.
Having no where else to put it you put it in your garage.
How do you get rid of them? If you are like most network marketers you have been told to make a list of your friends and family and to use the 3 foot rule.
Your company or upline may even encourage you to buy leads.
But your business is not selling, cold calling, harassing friends and family until all 2,500 bottles are gone which may or may not happen.
Your business is MARKETING.
Yes marketing effectively to the right people.
Your profits come when you know how to market your products and or opportunity correctly.
We can all agree that the old techniques of cold calls, 3 foot rule, and harassing friends and family is not only tiring and costly but many times leaves us having to rebuild our self-esteem and feeling less than the leader we want to be.
So how do we market our network marketing or MLM business effectively? Well, with a marketing system.
Particularly, an internet marketing system.
Why an internet marketing system? Where do people go when they want information...
any kind of information.
Nowadays, it's on the internet.
It's such the habit of people to look things up on the internet that new words have emerged such as "Google it" or "Youtubed" or "Twitterpaged".
So, people are on the internet and not just a few...
Millions are looking for the products and/or opportunity that you have to offer.
But if you are not taking advantage of even the most inexpensive ways of marketing your business online can these people who are hungry for what you have find you...
NO! Well, your next question maybe what will a marketing system do for me? A marketing system helps you to monetize your MLM, which is the first thing you should be looking to do as a network marketer.
Monetizing is a term used for ways of making money while you are prospecting and growing your business.
By monetizing your business you have people paying you for information on what you have to offer! This is extremely important for anyone building their business on a budget because it allows you to get paid as you attract people to you.
A good system will do several things for you.
) Market a system to distributors that retails the company's product.
) Teach your distributors leadership and marketing skills.
) Create an endless list of prospects for you.
) Provide cashflow.
You see a system is just a "standardized" set of tools and instructions.
Why is that necessary you may ask? Well, not everyone is sales savvy enough to convince 10-30 people a month to join their opportunity.
However an effective system levels the playing field so to speak.
Even your newest team member can begin making money quickly.
So "What Business Are You In?" I hope now you will say "MARKETING"! Learn to market effectively and you will succeed in this business!

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