How to Generate & Maintain Employee Engagement

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    • 1). Create a system of feedback for your employees. A practical system for employees to provide feedback for management will assist in creating a culture of open communication that empowers an employee. A continuous system of feedback is the most effective for maintaining employee engagement and retaining your valued employees.

    • 2). Create opportunities for advancement. A regular system of review for an employee will keep the employee in engaged in his own career. Career discussion involving managers and employees allows employees to voice ambitions and concerns.

    • 3). Build trust with your employees. Building trust is a long process but it begins with a clear vision and transparency. Employers who reveal their goals to the company, participate in large group discussions with all levels of employees and keep their promises are rewarded with their employee's trust.

    • 4). Be interested in your employees. Author Don Lowman published a survey of employees in three different countries that asked about what keep them engaged. The survey revealed that a senior manager's genuine concern for an employee is more motivational than pay.

    • 5). Give back to your employees. Supporting your employees with bonuses and employee dinners is a tangible means of displaying your appreciation.


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