How to Create Tracing Paper for Kindergarten Students

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    Word Processing Software

    • 1). Open your word processing software and check your font list. Schools often have a traceable font preinstalled. Traceable fonts have letter shapes suitable for handwriting (or various styles of handwriting) and often include versions where the strokes consist of dashes or dots.

      If a suitable font is not installed, you will need to download a free font available by searching for "free downloadable school fonts" in your search engine or by going to Font Space and searching for "trace" fonts.

      To use Font Space, type "trace" in the search bar at the top left of the page, next to the website logo. Scroll down the list of results and select a font that you feel is best for your student or child. Hover your mouse over the font and a "download" button will appear. Click this button and a .zip file will save to your computer. Open the zip file and click the name of the font (not a Word or text document). A window will appear with writing samples and a "Print" or "Install" button at the top left. Click "Install." Check your font list for the new font.

    • 2). Continue creating your worksheet by typing the child's name or a space for the name. Type a series of underscores to create a blank line.

    • 3). Add to the worksheet by typing words, sentences or paragraphs your student needs to practice.

    • 4). Save your worksheet and print it out.


    • 1). Open your Internet browser and go to Handwriting Worksheets.

    • 2). Select your preferred style of handwriting: print, D'Nealian or cursive.

    • 3). Choose a style of worksheet: name and sentence, single word, multiword or paragraph.

    • 4). Follow the website's step-by-step directions on the left side of the screen. Enter the student's name and a practice writing sample. Select options for the letter size, paper layout and the color of lines and text.

    • 5). Print the worksheet using the "Print" button located above and to the right of the created template.


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